Hoovervilles in Seattle: Map and Photos

Here are the locations of eight shack towns that housed homeless people in the Seattle area in the 1930s. The largest, known as "Hooverville," was on Elliot Bay near the present site of Qwest stadium. Click the markers to see photos and descriptions of each site. Click again to enlarge photos.

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Photos and locations (click to enlarge)

Skinner and Eddy Shipyards
(description here)

Airport Way Hooverville
(description here)

Washington Iron Works Hooverville
(description here)

Interbay Hooverville
(description here)

Lighthouse Broom Co. Hooverville
(description here)
Massachusetts St Hooverville
Looking north from a Hooverville at 6th Ave S and S Massachusetts St.

Louisville Hooverville
Waterfront Park Hooverville
Hoovervilled located on the Seattle waterfront near present day Waterfront Park. A view of the L.C. Smith Building can be observed just the the Northeast of the shacks.


Google map designed by Patrick Kelly. Photos courtesy University of Washington Digital Collections, Museum of History and Industry, Seattle Municipal Archives, King County Archives.