Daniel Berg, MD

Dan Berg

Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology

Contact Information

University of Washington
Box 354697
Seattle, WA 98105-6920
Patient Appointments: 206-598-6647
Mohs Surgery: 206-598-7895
FAX: 206-598-4200

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Education and Training

M.D., University of Toronto, 1985

Residency in Dermatology, Duke University Medical Center, 1988-91

Fellowship in surgical dermatology at University of Toronto 1991-92 with clinical focus on skin cancer (Mohs) surgery and cosmetic dermatologic surgery

Fellowship in surgical dermatology at University of British Columbia 1993-94 with clinical focus on skin cancer (Mohs) surgery and cosmetic dermatologic surgery

Research Interests

Interests include collaborative work looking at skin cancer in organ transplant patients and educational research including virtual reality simulation for dermatologic surgery.

Clinical Research Interests

Skin Cancer (diagnostis and treatment, including Mohs Surgery); cutaneous laser surgery; cosmetic dermatologic surgery (including hair transplantation, tumescent liposuction.

Representative Publications

Bub J, Berg D, Slee A, Odland P. Management of Lentigo Maligna and Lentigo Maligna Melanoma with Staged Excision: A Five-Year Follow-up. Arch Dermatol, May;140(5):552-8, 2004.

Lindblad AJ, Turkiyyah GM, Sankanaranayanan G, Weghorst SJ, Berg D. Two-handed next generation suturing simulator. In: J.D. Westwood et al, editors, Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2004 (MMVR2004), pages 215-220. IOS Press, January 2004.

Berkley J, Turkiyyah G, Berg D, Ganter M, Weghorst S. Real-time finite element modeling for surgery simulation: An application to virtual suturing. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. Vol 10, No. 3, May/June, pp 1-12, 2004.

Christenson LJ, Geusau A, Ferrandiz C, Brown CD, Ulrich C, Stockfleth E, Berg D, Orengo I, Shaw JC, Carucci JA, Euvrard S, Pacheco T, Stasko T, Otley CC. Specialty clinics for the dermatologic care of solid-organ transplant recipients. Dermatol Surg, Apr; 30(4 Pt 2):598-603, 2004.

Reichel J, Pierson R, Berg D. Teaching and Evaluation of Surgical Skills in Dermatology: Results of a Survey. Arch Dermatol, Nov;140(11):1365-9, 2004.


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