Corinne Taraska, MD

Resident Physician, Division of Dermatology

Contact Information

UW Dermatology Division
1959 NE Pacific Street
Box 356524
Seattle, WA 98195-6524
Messages: 206-685-6120
Continuity Clinic: UWMC Roosevelt Dermatology Center

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Education and Training

Chief Resident, Dermatology, University of Washington, 2012 – 2013
Dermatology Residency, University of Washington, 2010 – 2013
Internship, Internal Medicine, Virginia Mason Medical Center, 2009-2010
MD, University of Washington, 2009
BA, Human Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2001

Scholarly Activities

Case Report: Eruptive AKs and SCCs associated with Abatacept (Submitted 6/2012)
Case Report: Scleroderma with myocarditis presenting as Acute Heart Failure (In process)
Case Report: Topical rapamycin for treatment of BHD; a split face trial in a patient (In process)
Chapter: Managing Acne in the Pediatric Population (In process)
IRB: Impact of the Mirena IUD on Acne (Approved 7/2012)
AAD Abstract: Scleroderma with myocarditis presenting as Acute Heart Failure (Submitted 7/2012)

Formal Presentations

"Releasing your inner vulvologist", Grand Rounds April 2012
"What to expect when your patient is expecting; The safety of dermatologic drugs in pregnancy", Pacific NW Derm Society July 2012

Representative Publications

Biechele TL, Camp ND, Fass DM, Kulikauskas RM, Robin NC, White BD, Taraska CM, Moore EC, Muster J, Karmacharya R, Haggarty SJ, Chien AJ, Moon RT. Chemical-genetic screen identifies riluzole as an enhancer of Wnt/-catenin signaling in melanoma, Chem Biol, Nov 24;17(11):1177-82, 2010. PMID:21095567 PMCID: PMC3044442

"When you are a small program like ours it fosters authenticity and a tight knit group of residents.  Each resident flies solo on their respective 2 month rotations, which means one-on-one mentorship with an inspiring and approachable group of attendings that truly invest in our growth. Because of our size we have a high volume of clinic and inpatient exposures and being a referral center we get a healthy dose of complex disease.  Our derm path training is a unique strength with weekly slide sessions at the scope with our living encyclopedias Drs Lanz and Garton. And to round it out our surgical experience is perpetually growing and Peds derm is a hub of learning with small patients but big disease. Itʼs a well-balanced program with a great sense of community. Overall, you wonʼt find a more beautiful city than Seattle, better skiing than Whistler or a program as academically strong where the number of resident babies matches the number of residents."

- Corinne Taraska, MD


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