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Site Descriptions & Sample Schedules

There are several different clinical sites for the Dermatology rotation, each with their own character and unique opportunities.  Please note that our rotations are often a mix of two different sites throughout the week.  These descriptions are intended for you to learn if a particular site may be helpful for you so that we can try and make it a part of your schedule each week.  While we try to accommodate your requests, it’s not always possible given the number of students and the limitations at each site.

There are free shuttles that run from Children’s to the UW and SCCA, and a different free shuttle that runs from UW to UW-Roosevelt to Harborview.  The VA usually requires a car, although there is city bus service to the hospital—parking is free at the VA.

Each rotation we evaluate our schedules and make tweaks and small changes in order to provide the best experience for students. Here are some examples of how our rotations might look like, based out of each of our sites.

UW-Roosevelt: 4225 Roosevelt Way NE, 4th floor

This is the “main” UW derm clinic.  There are several clinics throughout the week that tend to be
general “bread and butter” dermatology.  However, there are also specialty clinics in which more complicated patients are seen as well.  Dr. Olerud’s Tuesday clinic is focused on complicated medical patients as well as people with cutaneous hematologic malignancies such as Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma (CTCL or “Mycosis Fungoides”).  Dr. Fleckman’s Thursday clinic specializes in immuobullous disorders and diseases of the nail.  Dr. Zook has clinic once a month on Friday mornings and specializes in diseases of the vulva.
This is ideal for students with an interest in general medicine.

Harborview Medical Center: 325 9th Ave

Harborview is the public county hospital and hosts a variety of general dermatology.  A large portion of the patient population are people of color and/or recent immigrants from all areas of the world.  This provides an exposure that is uncommon at all of the other sites, which is particularly important in dermatology as diseases present differently in different types of skin.  Dr. Harnisch attends a Hansen’s disease clinic on Wednesdays twice a month.  Dr. Welch’s Tuesday and Thursday clinics focus on allergic contact dermatitis and testing.  Inpatient consults are also seen on this rotation, including patients with exfoliative drug eruptions in the Burn ICU.
This is ideal for students with an interest in global health and underserved populations as well as general medicine.

Veteran's Affairs Hospital: 1660 S. Columbian Way

The VA hospital exclusively serves veterans from WWII to present.  As it is a “closed” health care system, there is both a wide variety of general dermatology issues, as well as highly complex patients, all seen as part of the same clinics.  Inpatient consults are also seen on this rotation and are managed by the students and rotating internal medicine residents with supervision by the dermatology resident and attendings.  This provides a great deal of hands-on experience and independence.  The veterans are overwhelmingly male.
This is ideal for students with an interest in underserved populations as well as general medicine.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance: 1100 Fairview Ave N

Some students may also attend Dr. Nghiem’s Tuesday clinic at the SCCA that specializes in oncology patients, especially those with Merkel Cell Carcinoma. 
This is ideal for students with an interest in general medicine or oncology.

Seattle Children's: 4800 Sand Point Way NE

Children’s obviously serves a younger population and is a referral hospital for all of the Pacific Northwest.  While common pediatric disorders such as eczema are seen commonly, unusual and complicated patients are also commonplace in these clinics.  Inpatient consults are also a significant portion of this rotation.
This is ideal for students with an interest in pediatrics, family medicine, or medical genetics.

UWMC Inpatient: 4225 Roosevelt Way NE, 4th flr and 1959 NE Pacific Street, Medical Center

This is a dual site rotation with some outpatient dermatology clinics at the UW-Roosevelt location, and also inpatient consultative dermatology at UWMC.  The inpatient consult service is run by a dermatology resident and overseen by a rotating dermatology attending.  In addition to seeing patients on the service, there will be opportunities to review pathology specimens from biopsies done on this service allowing a more 360° view of the patients’ diseases.  The student will have many opportunities to be the primary dermatologist for inpatient consults within the dermatology team.  This would be a great rotation for someone interested in Dermatology, Internal Medicine, or Oncology.

MEDECK 604 (click on site assignment to see sample schedules)

MEDECK 616 - Advanced Rotation

MEDECK 616 site schedules vary according to the length of the rotation and amount of credits being earned. After you have registered for MEDECK 616, you may contact Liz Wright to arrange your specific schedule.


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