2013-2014 Dermatology Residents


The Division of Dermatology Residency Program offers challenging opportunities for career development in academic dermatology. A flexible program provides excellent clinical training in dermatology and allows individuals to develop special interests and expertise in a variety of basic and clinical research disciplines related to dermatology.

The standard training track is three years of clinically oriented training with the trainee rotating through all the hospitals in the University of Washington system, as well as the Puget Sound Veterans Hospital and Seattle Children's Hospital. The curriculm includes clinical training by full-time faculty and over two dozen clinical faculty, outpatient clinics, hospital ward rounds, and teaching conferences. The program allows graduated responsibility for patient care, satisfies the requirements of the American Board of Dermatology, and is currently accredited through September 2018 by ACGME.

A research training track is possible for exceptional applicants with demonstrated research experience. The typical research training track would be two years of standard clinical training with an additional two years of an in-depth research experience. It is also possible for a resident to complete the three year clinical training track, followed by 2 years of research. The research training is expected to provide sufficient experience to allow the trainee to make the transition to junior faculty status. The Division has established close ties with senior scientists in all the basic science departments and with clinical researchers in several disciplines for the purpose of imparting state-of-the-art research training to senior dermatology residents and postdocs. More information about the research option is available in the Dermatology Research Handbook.

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