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Be Here is a social, multi-device experience that makes it fun for people to talk to each other and encourages them to stay focused on in-person interaction rather than on their mobile devices. While social networking provides constant communication and connectivity with friends, it also creates a lack of satisfying in-person connections. The rise in popularity of events such as dinners where all guests must stack their phones in the center of the table make evident the desire for uninterrupted, quality in-person interactions.

Be Here encourages interesting and in-depth conversation among friends by providing a themed set of hypothetical questions based on common interests to consider. By playing at these unusual situations, players gain insight into themselves and their friends.

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A Bitch Is a Lady Dog

A Bitch Is a Lady Dog is a working Twitter bot that aims to change behavior of people who insult others using cheap jabs at gender in everyday speech. This project uses Processing IDE to gather tweets from Twitter that use gender-derogatory insults and respond to the tweeter with an appropriate chiding tweet.

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A Bitch is a Lady Dog Twitter
Processing IDE

Shelby Li


Topicks is a service that presents you with the most relevant daily news topics, and their supporting viewpoints. Topicks gives you the whole story by providing the viewpoints that normally go unseen. This is a tool for people who want to understand the many sides to a story, because by understanding others’ viewpoints, we can better form our own.

Topicks enables users to construct the overall picture of a topic by showing the different sides to a story. The top ten topics presented on the front page are pulled from existing trending news. For quick navigation, a simple swipe to the left allows users to see new viewpoints. Users can save particular topics to stay updated on their preferred news.

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Jolie Chen

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