Forrest Curt Bennett

Forrest Curt Bennett, MD

Professor; Director, Pediatrics WWAMI Program; Director, Pediatric Medical Student Program

University of Washington
Box 356320
Seattle, WA 98195-6320
Phone: 206 685-1350
Seattle Children's Profile

Dr. Bennett serves as the Director for the High At-Risk Infant Follow-up Program at the CHDD. Within the Medical School, he is the Director of the Pediatrics WWAMI Program and the Director of the Pediatric Medical Student Program. He is a member of the Clinical Curriculum Committee for the UW School of Medicine and also serves on the Pediatric Residency Committee and the Intern Selection Committee. He is also Director of the State of Washington Medical Home Leadership Network. Nationally, Curt is the Chairman of the Subboard on Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics for the American Board of Pediatrics. During the forthcoming year he hopes to develop a Wyoming medical student teaching site.

His research includes a recently completed Phase IV study looking at the role of early developmental intervention for premature infants and anticipates publishing these studies. He is also participating in collaborative studies evaluating the role of nitric oxide in the treatment of neonatal RDS and evaluation of long-term outcomes, including developmental and chronic lung disease.

Dr. Bennett lectures in rehabilitation medicine and in public health and maternal child health courses. He oversees the third-year pediatric clerkship students and the activities of approximately 20 fourth year medical students who are taking electives in developmental disabilities and pediatrics sub-internships. Regionally, Curt serves as a mentor to the WWAMI medical student faculty and gives CME lectures in developmental pediatrics at regional and national courses.