Kristie F. Bjornson

Kristie F. Bjornson, PhD, PT, MS

Associate Professor

Seattle Children's Hospital
Box 359300
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206 884-2066
Seattle Children's Profile

Dr. Bjornson's research is concerned with evidence-based clinical interventions to improve the activity and social participation of persons with cerebral palsy. A related interest is to develop a methodology to enable rigorous testing of the effectiveness of various current and emerging treatments (e.g., orthotics, physical activity/exercise, and physical therapy timing and frequency) on relevant outcomes (e.g., ambulatory and physical activity, participation in daily life).

Dr. Bjornson's current research focuses on ambulatory children with cerebral palsy, ages 2-9 years. A primary goal is to understand the relationship between aspects of the International Classification of Functioning system and children's participation in daily life activities.