Christiane Hampe

Research Associate Professor

South Lake Union



Research Interest: Etiology, Pathogenesis and Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Chefdeville, A; Honnorat, J; Hampe, CS; Desestret, V ; Neuronal central nervous system syndromes probably mediated by autoantibodies Eur J Neurosci 43 12: 1535-52; 2016 PMC4914447

Bansal, N; Hampe, CS; Rodriguez, L; O'Brian Smith, E; Kushner, J; Balasubramanyam, A; Redondo, MJ ; DPD epitope-specific glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD)65 autoantibodies in children with Type 1 diabetes Diabet Med 2016 PMC4958605

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Yarlagadda, A; Acharya, G; Kasaraneni, J; Hampe, CS; Clayton, AH ; Placental Barrier and Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Role of Prolactin and Dopamine on the Developing Fetal Brain Innov Clin Neurosci 12 9-10: 14-7; 2015 PMC4655894

Gaba, R; Gambhire, D; Uy, N; Gonzalez, EV; Iyer, D; Hampe, CS; Ram, N; Balasubramanyam, A ; Factors associated with early relapse to insulin dependence in unprovoked A-beta+ ketosis-prone diabetes J Diabetes Complications 29 7: 918-22; 2015 PMC4540630

Ganelin-Cohen, E; Modan-Moses, D; Hemi, R; Kanety, H; Ben-Zeev, B; Hampe, CS ; Epilepsy and behavioral changes, type 1 diabetes mellitus and a high titer of glutamic acid decarboxylase antibodies Pediatr Diabetes 2015 PMC4927419

Gu Urban, GJ; Friedman, M; Ren, P; Torn, C; Fex, M; Hampe, CS; Lernmark, A; Landegren, U; Kamali-Moghaddam, M ; ... Kamali-Moghaddam, M Elevated Serum GAD65 and GAD65-GADA Immune Complexes in Stiff Person Syndrome Sci Rep 5 11196; 2015 PMC4468815

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Costa, OR; Stange, G; Verhaeghen, K; Brackeva, B; Nonneman, E; Hampe, CS; Ling, Z; Pipeleers, D; Gorus, FK; ... Martens, GA Development of an Enhanced Sensitivity Bead-Based Immunoassay for Real-Time In Vivo Detection of Pancreatic beta-Cell Death Endocrinology 156 12: 4755-60; 2015

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Vega-Flores, G; Rubio, SE; Jurado-Parras, MT; Gomez-Climent, MA; Hampe, CS; Manto, M; Soriano, E; Pascual, M; Gruart, A; ... Delgado-Garcia, JM The GABAergic septohippocampal pathway is directly involved in internal processes related to operant reward learning Cereb Cortex 24 8: 2093-107; 2014 PMC4441070

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Shulman, LM; Hampe, CS; Ben-Haroush, A; Perepliotchikov, Y; Vaziri-Sani, F; Israel, S; Miller, K; Bin, H; Kaplan, B; ... Laron, Z Antibodies to islet cell autoantigens, rotaviruses and/or enteroviruses in cord blood and healthy mothers in relation to the 2010-2011 winter viral seasons in Israel: a pilot study Diabet Med 31 6: 681-5; 2014 PMC4061376

Hampe, CS; Petrosini, L; De Bartolo, P; Caporali, P; Cutuli, D; Laricchiuta, D; Foti, F; Radtke, JR; Vidova, V; ... Manto, M Monoclonal antibodies to 65kDa glutamate decarboxylase induce epitope specific effects on motor and cognitive functions in rats Orphanet J Rare Dis 8 82; 2013 PMC3680042

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Fernandez, R; Misra, R; Nalini, R; Hampe, CS; Ozer, K; Balasubramanyam, A ; Characteristics of patients with ketosis-prone diabetes (KPD) presenting with acute pancreatitis: implications for the natural history and etiology of a KPD subgroup Endocr Pract 19 2: 243-51; 2013

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Hampe, CS ; B Cell in Autoimmune Diseases Scientifica (Cairo) 2012 2012 PMC3692299

Wang, X; Zhang, A; Liu, Y; Chen, S; Feng, Z; Shang, W; Maziarz, M; Radtke, J; Hampe, CS ; ... Hampe, CS Anti-idiotypic antibody specific to GAD65 autoantibody prevents type 1 diabetes in the NOD mouse PLoS One 7 2: e32515; 2012 PMC3286479

Oak, S; Radtke, J; Torn, C; Landin-Olsson, M; Hampe, CS ; Immunoglobulin subclass profiles of anti-idiotypic antibodies to GAD65Ab differ between type 1 diabetes patients and healthy individuals Scand J Immunol 74 4: 363-7; 2011 PMC3855415