Kevin Conley


UW Health Sciences Center



Research Interest: Pathophysiology and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

DRC Publications

Santanasto, AJ; Coen, PM; Glynn, NW; Conley, KE; Jubrias, SA; Amati, F; Strotmeyer, ES; Boudreau, RM; Goodpaster, BH; ... Newman, AB The relationship between mitochondrial function and walking performance in older adults with a wide range of physical function Exp Gerontol 81 1-7; 2016

Conley, K; Godbout, L; Whitehead, MA; van de Ven, TG ; Origin of the twist of cellulosic materials Carbohydr Polym 135 285-99; 2016

Conley, KE; Ali, AS; Flores, B; Jubrias, SA; Shankland, EG ; Mitochondrial NAD(P)H In vivo: Identifying Natural Indicators of Oxidative Phosphorylation in the (31)P Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Front Physiol 7 45; 2016 PMC4812112

Conley, KE ; Mitochondria to motion: optimizing oxidative phosphorylation to improve exercise performance J Exp Biol 219 Pt 2: 243-9; 2016

Roshanravan, B; Kestenbaum, B; Gamboa, J; Jubrias, SA; Ayers, E; Curtin, L; Himmelfarb, J; de Boer, IH; Conley, KE ; ... Conley, KE CKD and Muscle Mitochondrial Energetics Am J Kidney Dis 2016