Shreeram Akilesh

Acting Instructor

UW Health Sciences Center



Research Interest: Complications of Diabetes

DRC Publications

Akilesh, S; Alem, A; Nicosia, RF ; Combined crystalline podocytopathy and tubulopathy associated with multiple myeloma Hum Pathol 45 4: 875-9; 2014

Akilesh, S; Juaire, N; Duffield, JS; Smith, KD ; Chronic Ifosfamide toxicity: kidney pathology and pathophysiology Am J Kidney Dis 63 5: 843-50; 2014

Yu, H; Suleiman, H; Kim, AH; Miner, JH; Dani, A; Shaw, AS; Akilesh, S ; Rac1 activation in podocytes induces rapid foot process effacement and proteinuria Mol Cell Biol 33 23: 4755-64; 2013 PMC3838009