Biomedical Cores

The DRC facilitates research of its affiliates through six biomedical cores. To use the services of a biomedical core, researchers must be DRC affiliates. Affiliates should contact the Core Director to discuss their needs and the prospective costs of core services for their project.

Cell Function Analysis Core [CFAC]

Cell Function Analysis CoreThe Cell Function Analysis Core (CFAC) offers precise real time functional analysis of intact cells and primary tissue. Measurements can be made using a flow culture system that maintains cell viability while assessing multiple parameters non-invasively. [Read More]

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core [CMIC]

Cellular and Molecular Imaging CoreThe Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core (CMIC) provides DRC affiliate investigators with access to expert technical assistance, specialized instrumentation, services, and collaborative expertise, enabling high quality histochemical and morphological analyses related to diabetes research. [Read More]

Human Studies Core [HSC]

Human Studies CoreThe Human Studies Core (HSC), formerly called the Clinical Research Core (CRC), provides specialized technical resources and expertise to enhance the efficiency, productivity and multidisciplinary nature of clinical research performed by Diabetes Research Center (DRC)-affiliated investigators. [Read More]

Immunology and Inflammation Core [IIC]

Immunology and Inflammation CoreThe Immunology and Inflammation Core (IIC) provides state-of-the-art flow cytometry, technical expertise and consultation for analysis of the cellular components of the immune and inflammatory responses involved in diabetes and to meet the cellular phenotyping and cell sorting needs of DRC affiliates. [Read More]

Quantitative and Functional Proteomics Core [QFPC]

Quantitative and Functional Proteomics Core The Quantitative and Functional Proteomics Core (QFPC) provides the powerful tools of modern mass spectrometry to DRC affiliate investigators to permit structural identification and quantitation of proteins (discovery proteomics) involved in diabetes and its complications. [Read More]

Viral Vector and Transgenic Mouse Core [VTMC]

Viral Vector and Transgenic Mouse CoreThe Viral Vector and Transgenic Mouse Core (VTMC) provides DRC affiliate investigators with state-of-the-art vectors necessary to overexpress, knockdown, knockout, or alter expression of RNAs and proteins of interest in cultured cells, isolated tissues, and animals. [Read More]

If the DRC has supported your research in any way, please support us by citing the DRC grant number P30DK017047 in the acknowledgment section of your publications.

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