Chargeback Rates

Service Unit Price*
Study design consultation for OGTTs, MTTs, IVGTTs, clamps Hour
First Hour Free
OGTTs, MTTs, or IVGTTs performance Hour 72.99
OGTT, MTT, or IVGTT data modeling Test 64.37
Clamp services start up fee One-time fee per study 446.00
Clamps Hour 72.99
Statistical consultation Hour
First Hour Free
Subject Identification through EMR Hour
First Hour Free
Consent and simple blood draw Subject 18.25
Repository Specimen Accession Assistance Hour 28.30
Study Assistance not otherwise described (MD) Hour 111.50
Study Assistance not otherwise described (Core Director) Hour 111.50
Adiponectin Assay 14.00
C-Peptide, Serum or Plasma (normally done) Assay 8.75
CRP Assay 10.13
Cystatin C Assay 22.75
Fibinogen Assay 11.00
Free Fatty Acids Assay 12.75
GAD-DK Assay 10.50
Ghrelin, Active Assay 28.00
Ghrelin, Total Assay 28.00
GIP Assay Varies/Ask
GLP-1, Active Assay Varies/Ask
GLP-1, Total Assay Varies/Ask
Glucagon Assay 11.38
Glucose Assay 3.75
HbA1c Assay 12.75
IA2-DK Assay 10.50
Insulin, Tosoh Assay 7.50
Leptin Assay 10.50
Proinsulin Assay 10.50
*Invoices paid with non-UW funds will be charged an additional 8% F&A rate.
**Must contact Jessica Harting,, with copy to Corinne Lovato,, before sending samples for assays.
Rates are subject to change