Human Environmental Dynmaics at Cape Krusenstern
Adam Freeburg
Study of near-continuous human occupation of the Arctic coast from ~4000 BP.

Inupiaq Landscapes and Architecture: Preserving Alaska Native Community Histories
Adam Freeburg
Creating a GIS record of traditional food and plant harvesting locations, as well as place names from anthropological work with the Native Village of Diomede [Ingaliq], Alaska. (PI: Carol Jolles, UW)

The Interactive Pollen Diagram
Sarah Ashmore
An interactive tool created to read/interpret pollen in a new way.

Photogrammetric Vessel Documentation
Julia L. Malakie
In collaboration with the Center for Wooden Boats, working to develop an efficient process for creating the technical drawings required to document vessels according to Library of Congress standards.

Thai-French Archaeological Mission on the Upper Thai-Malay Peninsula
Julia L. Malakie
GIS and statistical analysis of archaeological data from (often highly disturbed) Iron Age sites linking the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.