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Disability Studies at the University of Washington involves a multi-campus interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, students and community members, who share an interest in questions relating to society's understanding of disability. The undergraduate Disability Studies Minor and the Individualized Studies Major in Disability Studies provide opportunities for students to develop a strong interdisciplinary foundation in the social, legal and political framing of disability.

Disability Studies Program

Individualized Studies Major in Disability Studies

Disability Studies is a minimum admission requirements major, accepting applications at any time. Visit Individualized Studies to learn more.

Disability Studies Minor: Requirements and Courses

We believe that all students pursuing a Disability Studies Minor must study the content in the following required courses in order to acquire a baseline understanding of Disability Studies.

Why Disability Studies?

Like other oppressed groups throughout history, disabled people have been marginalized; this has led to minimal attention to the historical, cultural, and political/legal dimensions of disability. The effects of disability-based discrimination have been particularly severe in the fields of education, employment, housing, transport, cultural life, and access to public places and services. The development of Disability Studies represents a much-needed pro-active educational approach to address this pervasive discrimination towards disabled people in our society. The University of Washington is at the forefront of the development of Disability Studies as an academic discipline through the individual research and teaching of growing numbers of faculty across campuses and disciplines, increasing student interest in the subject area, and an expansion of traditional diversity efforts to include disability. The Disability Studies Program provides additional opportunities for both students and faculty to explore the field.

Note: Both disabled people and person with a disability (PWD) are used by various members of the disability community.

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