Brownbag Apr 25, noon, SAV 408: ET Russian on disability justice, healthcare, and erotica

The Ring of Fire by ET Russian

Brownbag Apr 25, noon, SAV 408: ET Russian on disability justice, healthcare, and erotica


ET Russian will talk about the forthcoming book "The Ring of Fire Anthology." Fri, April 25, 2014, 12:00-1:20. Savery 408, University of Washington

THE RING OF FIRE ANTHOLOGY is a collection of the zine from the late 1990s by ET Russian (aka Hellery Homosex), and features new material never before published. RING OF FIRE is honest, engaging, and ahead of its time. Russian's writing and art explore disability justice, healthcare, and erotica.

Alternately emotional and erotic, funny and political, RING OF FIRE captures the work and words of artists and leaders shaping disability culture and history, and also tells the author’s story of healing from a traumatic accident at a young age. A young feminist steeped in the cultures of queer and punk, Russian embraced a cultural identity of disability while writing RING OF FIRE. Years later, after discovering the disability justice movement and getting a job in a hospital, Russian examines what it means to be on the giving and receiving end of healthcare in the United States, and the challenges of working with a disability.

Through black and white ink drawings, comics, linoleum block print portraits, essays and interviews this collection explores connections between science, culture, bodies, disability justice, sex, class, race, healing and the politics of work.

The Ring of Fire Anthology will be published in June 2014 by Left Bank Books Publishing, and distributed by AK Press.
ET RUSSIAN is a writer, performer, makeup artist, cartoonist, disability justice activist and healthcare provider living in Seattle, Washington. Russian is the author of The Ring of Fire Anthology (2014) by Left Bank Book Publishing, has work in The Collective Tarot (2011) on Eberhardt Press and Gay Genius (2011) on Sparkplug Press, co-founded the Seattle Disability Justice Collective (2011), co-directed the movie Third Antenna: A documentary about the radical nature of drag (2000), and has performed with Sins Invalid in San Francisco, and Light Motion Dance Company in Seattle. Russian was a recipient of the 2013 Harlan Hahn Award from the Disability Studies Program, University of Washington. Learn more about Russian’s work at ETRUSSIAN.COM

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