Disability Awareness Week

Disability Awareness Week


Disability%20Justice%20Now.jpgDisability Awareness Week (link), May 23-28, 2011. Sponsors: ASUW Student Disability Commission and Disability Advocacy Student Alliance. Events:

Redefining Bodies: Panel on the Future of Accessible Technology When: Monday, May 23, 3:00pm - 4:30pm. Where: Mary Gates Hall Room 271. Join us for a panel discussion on accessible technology! We’ll explore topics such as creativity in designing new technology, recent developments / applications and how people relate to the technologies they use and how it impacts their lives. Panelists: Richard Ladner, a professor in Computer Science who has done extensive research on accessible technology at the University of Washington; Mark Harniss from the Technology & Disability in the Developing World initiative; Gaby de Jongh from the Washington Assistive Technology Act Program (WATAP).

Film: “The Couple.” When: Tues. May 24, 5-7pm. Where: Odegaard Library 220. Free screening of "The Couple,"  Mikhail Bogin, USSR, 1964. “A young musician courts a beautiful woman who refuses to respond to a word he says despite multiple encounters. Eventually he learns that she is completely deaf. The remainder of the film consists of their beautiful-and beautifully silent-romance.” Discussion with Disability Studies faculty member Jose Alaniz, whose areas of study include Russian culture, film, death and dying, disability, eco-criticism, and comics.

Every Body Freeze, Now. Flash mob for disability awareness. When: Wed. May 25, 12:00-12:30pm. Where: Red Square. For detailed description, go to http://faculty.washington.edu/kochj/freezenow.html

Cripping Culture: A Live Poetry Slam and Art Show! When: Thurs. May 26, 6:30-8:30pm. Where: Parnassus Cafe, Art Building 007. We are excited to build community and celebrate disability through poetry and performance at a live open mic event. We invite anyone and everyone interested in participating in any way to email the organizers in advance at asuwswdc@uw.edu. This event is intended to celebrate all kinds of disability, art, artists, audiences. All types of performance, expression are encouraged: feel free to share a poem, sing, play an instrument, display art, etc.

Celebration Dinner. When: Fri. May 27, 7-9pm. Where:  Schultzy's.

Deaf Storytelling Night. When: Sat. May 28, 7-9pm. Where: Parrington Hall Forum Room 309. Join us for a fun and expressive performance by Deaf artist and actor Patrick Fisher: "Mr. Shineyhead presents: A Storytelling Extravaganza!" His performance will include a mix of short stories and stand-up comedy about his life experience through the hearing-world. All of the stories are produced with amazing use of classifiers and sign mime, and are excellent examples of the range and complexity of American Sign Language.  Afterwards, we welcome community members, ASL students, Deaf performers and actors, etc. to perform signed skits, stories or poetry. If you are interested in performing, please email the organizers in advance at asuwswdc@uw.edu.sdc_logo.png