Disability Studies Courses

Core Courses for the Disability Studies Minor & Individualized Studies Major

Introduction to Disability Studies


Introduces students to the language of disability, the portrayal of disability in culture, and the historical and legal treatment of disabled people, including an appreciation of the concepts of ableism, oppression, privilege, normalcy, disability culture, and accessibility.

Disability Law, Policy, and the Community


Explores legal and policy issues that impact disabled people in more depth and the role of community activism in social change. (Diversity minor elective, Public Health elective, LSJ elective.)

Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People


Introduces legal approaches to ending discrimination towards disabled people through the study of alternative international human rights laws and rights models from around the world. (Diversity minor elective, Public Health elective, LSJ elective.)

Advanced Seminar in Disability Studies

DIS ST 435

Provides an opportunity to review foundational principles and do independent research on a topic in the field of disability studies.

Minor (30 credits)

All students pursuing a Disability Studies Minor must study the content in the required courses in order to acquire a baseline understanding of Disability Studies. Students require more than one course to adequately engage in the theory, history, and experience of disabled people. The four core courses consist of DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 230, DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 433, DIS ST/ LSJ/CHID 434 & DIS ST 435. The required courses provide students with an extremely strong foundation in preparation for career development including further academic studies.

  • 20 credits from the core courses
    • 5 credits from DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 230 Introduction to Disability Studies
    • 5 credits from DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 433 Disability Law, Policy, and the Community
    • 5 credits from DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 434 Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People
    • 5 credits from DIS ST 435 Advanced Seminar in Disability Studies
  • 10 credits from any of the courses below or appearing on the Disability Studies Courses Approved List.

(Updated 09-22-11)

Seattle Campus

  • ANTH 228 Identities: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Anthropology
  • ANTH 305 Anthropology of the Body
  • ANTH 322/RELIG 320 Comparative Study of Death
  • ANTH 374 Narrative, Literature, and Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 474 Social Difference and Medical Knowledge
  • ANTH 475 Perspectives in Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 476 Culture, Medicine, and the Body
  • ANTH 478 Introduction to the Anthropology of Institutions
  • ANTH 479 Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology: Anthropology of Disability
  • ASL 201 Intermediate American Sign Language I
  • ASL 202 Intermediate American Sign Language II
  • ASL 203 Intermediate American Sign Language III
  • ASL 305 Introduction to Deaf Studies
  • ASL 306 Deaf History
  • ASL 495 Literature and Poetry
  • B H / DIS ST 421 History of Eugenics
  • C LIT 396 The Comics Get Real: Nonfiction in Graphic Narrative
  • DANCE 336 Integrated Dance: History, Methodology, and Praxis
  • DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 332 Disability & Society
  • DIS ST/LSJ/CHID 430 Topics in Disability Studies
  • EDUC 305 The Purpose of Public Schools in a Democracy
  • GEO 342 Geography of Inequality
  • GWSS 200 Introduction to Women's Studies
  • LSJ 420 Politics of Rights
  • LSJ 491 Topics in Rights: Disability and Citizenship: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
  • PHIL 242 Introduction to Medical Ethics
  • PHIL 345 Moral Issues of Life and Death
  • PHIL 409 Philosophy and Disability
  • SOC WF 200 Introduction to Social Work Practice
  • SOC WF 404 Cultural Diversity and Justice
  • SOCW 576 Empowerment Practice with Persons with Disabilities (Open to all majors)

These following Seattle campus courses vary in their Disability Studies related content. Check with Disability Studies Advisor to ensure that content will satisfy the Minor.

  • DANCE 235/Integrated Dance: Training and Composition
  • GWSS 290 Special Topics (when offered as Feminism and Disability)
  • RUSS 120 Disability in Russian Culture
  • RUSS 420/C LIT 496 Illness, Death and Disability in Modern Europe

Bothell Campus

  • BIS 322 Topics in Performance Studies
  • BIS 325 Disability and Human Rights


To obtain an Individualized Studies Major in Disability Studies, you must complete 55 credits, of which 35 must be upper division, and complete the General Education requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences.

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