Diversity Minor at the University of Washington

Foundation Courses Faculty

AES 151 - Prof. Rick Bonus or Prof. Stephen Sumida (Intro to American Ethnic Groups)

C LIT 323 - Prof. Francisco Benitez (Studies in the Literature of Emerging Nations)

COM 289 - Prof. Ralina Joseph, Prof. Leilani Nishime, (Communication and Difference)

GWSS 200 - Prof. Rebecca Aanerud (Intro to Women Studies)

HSTAA 105 - Prof. Jim Gregory (Peoples of the USA)

LSJ/CHID/DIS ST 230 - Prof. Dennis Lang, Prof. Sherrie Brown or Prof. Joanne Woiak (Intro to Disability Studies)

PSYCH 250 - Prof. Kim Barrett (Racism and Minority Groups)



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