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Dobyns Lab


Located in Seattle, WA in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the Dobyns Lab studies a broad range of developmental disorders of the brain. These include brain malformations, autism, epilepsy, movement disorders, as well as other conditions.

Projects within the Dobyns Lab begin with accurate phenotyping of human brain disorders, drawing from a research database of over 8,000 subjects. Phenotyping data include brain imaging, developmental inventories, medical photos for dysmorphology, and other data such as EEG studies and video of movement disorders. Next, DNA samples from research subjects are studied using a combination of cutting-edge and traditional molecular tools for gene discovery. We have access to one of the largest repositories of human DNA for neurodevelopmental disorders to test our hypotheses. Finally, we seek to understand how genes work in normal and abnormal brain development, and turn to the emerging tools of bioinformatics to help us.