NHLBI Renews Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Program Project (PI: Karin Bornfeldt, DOCE Associate Director)

The Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Program Project was recently renewed for five years, receiving a total of $11.8 million from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The focus of the program project is to investigate whether diabetes causes high-density lipoprotein to lose its cardioprotective effects and whether this contributes to the increased cardiovascular disease risk associated with diabetes. This long-standing program project was originally awarded in 1958 with Robert H. Williams as PI. Edwin L. Bierman became PI in 1975, and Alan Chait served as PI from 1995 to 2013. Karin Bornfeldt became PI in 2013. The program includes four projects and three core units. Project Leaders are Jay Heinecke, Alan Chait and Karin Bornfeldt (DOCE), and Ira Goldberg and Edward Fisher, New York University. Core directors are Karin Bornfeldt, Tomas Vaisar (DOCE) and Kevin O’Brien (UW Medicine).