Diabetes & Obesity Center of Excellence Launches!

The inauguration of the Diabetes & Obesity Center of Excellence at UW Medicine South Lake Union took place on Friday November 14, 2008.  There was an afternoon symposium to explore research topics, followed by a poster-viewing reception.  The afternoon symposium consisted of the following talks:

1:30 pm: Opening Remarks and Introductions — Dr. Michael W. Schwartz, Dr. Paul G. Ramsey, Dr. William J. Bremner

2:00 pm: Is insulin resistance a vascular condition? The role of nitric oxide and the development of insulin resistance — Dr. Francis Kim

2:30 pm: Diabetes-accelerated atherosclerosis and inflammation – Dr. Karin Bornfeldt

3:00 pm: Keynote Address: The role of inflammation in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes  – Dr. Jerrold Olefsky

4:00 pm: Closing Remarks — Dr. Michael W. Schwartz