DOCE Researcher Savitha Subramanian, MD Receives WAFMR Outstanding Investigator Award

Dr. Savitha Subramanian (MTE) is the recipient of the WAFMR Outstanding Investigator Award for the 2011 Western Regional Meeting to be held January 26-29, 2011 in Carmel, California.  This award is given to an investigator who has demonstrated an outstanding career in scientific investigation evidenced by the quality of their submitted scientific abstract and their initial career contributions to their scientific field, based on an outstanding track record of high quality publications and grant funding.

The abstract being recognized is: RAPAMYCIN ADMINISTRATION IMPROVES METABOLIC ABNORMALITIES AND DECREASES ADIPOSE TISSUE INFLAMMATION IN DIET-INDUCED OBESITY. S Subramanian, L Goodspeed, S Wang, KD O’Brien, A Chait and W Ladiges, Seattle, WA. University of Washington

Dr. Subramanian will be formally recognized at the Wednesday afternoon Joint Plenary Session in Carmel.