Faculty Bios

The DI is comprised of 25 full-time faculty housed in >32,000 sf of state-of-the-art research space, each selected to join the center because of complementary interests in diabetes and obesity and their relationships to systemic inflammation, dyslipidemia, vacular disease and metabolic impairment.  By creating multidisciplinary research opportunities and supporting and coordinating diabetes and obesity research, the Institute enhances interactions and accelerates discoveries.  The majority of our Institute faculty members are established, senior investigators recognized internationally for their work. A smaller number of junior faculty are also represented, selected on the basis of their exceptional promise, close ties to other more established Institute faculty, and potential to provide future depth and leadership to the Institute.


Gregory J. Morton, PhD

William R.A. Osborne, PhD

Stephanie Page, MD, PhD

Katya Rubinow, MD

Michael Schwartz, MD

Baohai Shao, PhD

Savitha Subramanian, MD

Ian Sweet, PhD

Joshua Thaler, MD, PhD

Chongren Tang, PhD

Tomas Vaisar, PhD

Brent Wisse, MD

Ofer Yanay, MD