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Ofer Yanay, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Email Address: ofer.yanay@seattlechildrens.org

Department of Pediatrics Website:  http://www.washington.edu/medicine/pediatrics/home/

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Dr. Yanay is an attending physician in the Division of Pediatric Critical Care and the Medical Co-Director of Respiratory Care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He has published chapters and peer-reviewed articles with emphasis on gene therapy.


Dr. Yanay’s research has focused on lentivirus-based vectors and on gene therapy–based treatment for diabetes. His current work is directed at evaluating the role of glucose regulatory hormones in controlling inflammation in sepsis.

Representative Publications:

Whalen LD, Di Gennaro JL, Irby GA, Yanay O, Zimmerman JJ. Long-Term Dexmedetomidine Use and Safety Profile Among Critically Ill Children and Neonates. Pediatr Crit Care Med. In Press, 2014

von Saint Andre-von Arnim A, Farris R, Roberts JS, Yanay O, Brogan TV, Zimmerman JJ. Common endocrine issues in the pediatric intensive care unit. Crit Care Clin.29:335-358, 2013

Yanay O, Dale DC, Osborne WR.Repeated lentivirus-mediated granulocyte colony-stimulating factor administration to treat canine cyclic neutropenia. Hum Gene Ther. 23:1136-1143, 2012

Moralejo D, Yanay O, Kernan K, Bailey A, Lernmark A, Osborne W. Sustained glucagon-like peptide 1 expression from encapsulated transduced cells to treat obese diabetic rats. J Biosci Bioeng. 111:383-387, 2011

Yanay O, Moralejo D, Kernan K, Brzezinski M, Fuller JM, Barton RW, Lernmark A, Osborne WR. Prolonged survival and improved glycemia in BioBreeding diabetic rats after early sustained exposure to glucagon-like peptide 1. J Gene Med. 12:538-544, 2010.

Current Collaborations:

Within the Diabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence and its Affiliated Members
William Osborne, PhD

Outside of the Diabetes and Obesity Center of Excellence
Jerry Zimmerman, MD, PhD