NORC Energy Balance and Glucose Metabolism Core

The NORC Energy Balance Glucose Metabolism (EBGM) Core conducts procedures such as cannulation of brain ventricles and specific brain nuclei of rats and mice, jugular vein and carotid artery catheterization and performance of euglycemic glucose clamps as well as ip or oral glucose tolerance testing in rats and mice, collection of brain and other tissues at that time of study termination and preparation of those materials for storage or for further analysis, calorimetric and metabolic studies including oxygen consumption and respiratory quotient, physical activity and body temperature measurements, meal pattern analysis, and body composition analysis by quantitative magnetic resonance.  Additionally, this Core supports the performance of specific biochemical or molecular assays, including real time PCR of hypothalamic mRNA species in rats and mice and western blot analysis for detection of specific signaling molecules.

For further information see or contact:

Greg Morton, PhD, Core Director, 206-897-5292,