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UWMC Docusys Downtime Procedure

Version 1.2 (updated Sept 16, 2010)

1. General steps:

1)      During Docusys downtime, the paper anesthesia record will be used to document the anesthetic care.

2)      Additionally, to meet the compliance requirements, an attestation form will need to be filled by the attending anesthesiologists.


2. Where to find back up documents:


Paper anesthesia records:

A paper anesthesia record is generally placed in the anesthesia machine basket. If not, an anesthesia tech or the Docusys support team can bring one to the OR. Extra anesthesia records are kept in the control desk area and anesthesia billing office.


PDF Attestation forms:

PDF attestation forms are available on the desktop of all Docusys machines. Also, they will be emailed to the anesthesiologists in case of a downtime.


3. For planned downtime:


3.1 Notification steps

Notification will include the downtime date and time and procedures to be followed:

a)      Notify the Anesthesia Team (including Anesthesiologists, Residents and CRNAs).

b)      Print Fliers and post at the Control desk and verbally notify the OR White board manager.


Notification messages will be sent 1 week in advance. However, if an emergency downtime is  planned within a 1 week time frame, notification will be sent at the earliest possible instance. Another notification email will be sent out on the day before downtime and at the same time fliers will be printed and posted.


3.2 Documentation steps:

            The anesthesia team will document the surgical case or procedure on the paper anesthesia record. Patient labels will be stuck on the designated name field on the paper anesthesia record. If labels are not available, the patient name and medical record number will be handwritten on the designated name field. The attestation document will be filled electronically, printed and signed by the concerned anesthesiologist. The patient label will be affixed to the designated box on the form.



3.3 Handling paper records:

            Once documentation of the paper anesthesia record is complete, it along with the attestation form will be placed in the patient record. This will be scanned into ORCA Electronic medical record system by Patient Data Services via the existing procedure. A yellow copy of the anesthesia record will be placed in the collection boxes in the main and pavilion surgery areas. The billing coders will pickup the yellow copies and use it for billing purposes.


4. For unplanned downtime:


4.1. Local workstation failure

            If Docusys malfunction is limited to just one workstation or location, Docusys support team, along with Merge Medical will debug to fix the issue. However, if after 15 minutes of trying, the application cannot be brought back up, the following downtime procedures will be followed.


4.1.1: Docusys support team provides a paper anesthesia record

4.1.2: If failure happens within the first 30 min of the case, transfer contents to paper record and continue documentation on paper anesthesia record.

4.1.3: Complete the attestation for, as in 3.2

4.1.4: Handle paper records as is step 3.3


            In the rare event Docusys fails midway through a case and cannot  be brought back up, the documentation will be split between paper and anesthesia records. In this case the Docusys record will be printed. The printed docusys generated printed record will be appended to the paper record and placed in the patient record to be scanned into ORCA. Billing team will be notified in case of a split record


4.2 System wide failure

            If Docusys failure is system wide, Docusys support team along with IT services and Merge Inc will try to fix the issue. If issue cannot be resolved with within 15 min, a notification will be sent out to all anesthesia team.


            Documentation will be performed on paper record as described in 3.2 and 3.3


5. Notification after issue resolution:

            Email notification after downtime will be sent to the anesthesia team confirming that readiness of Docusys availability.