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·         Make sure that the indicator light at the base of the mouse is lit “red”. If not connect USB cable the PC.

·         If the Mouse is connected, but still does not work, try connecting to a different USB port

·         If a mouse is broken, replace the mouse.

·         Clinical Engineering and Anesthesia Techs have spare mouse and can be called to replace them, if broken.


·         Press the “Num Lock” key to make sure power is reaching the keyboard. The “Num lock” indicator light should light up. If power is not reaching the keyboard, make sure that the USB connector is attached to the back of the PC.

·         If the keyboard is connected, but still not working, unplug and plug back the USB connector or try a different USB port

·         If a keyboard is broken, replace the keyboard.

·         Clinical Engineering and Anesthesia Techs have spare keyboards and can be called to replace them, if broken.


·         Make sure that the touch screen power button on the right edge of the screen (round button) is pressed ON.

·         Check the power connection to the “black power box”.  Next where the Docusys screen is mounted and the power cord to the monitor is secured.

·         Check video cable connection at both the monitor and PC ends

·         Make sure that the Docusys PC is turned ON (green light ON the PC)

·         Check UPS it’s the large white box on the back of each machine supply power to the whole unit. There on a power switch on the front green LED light means it is on. Also make sure it plugged into the wall.

·         Make sure power cord on the back of the PC is pushed in securely

·         Push the power button on the PC. It’s the small square button on the front of the PC. Holding the power down on button on the PC for about 10 seconds will do a forced reboot

NOTE: Combination of Mouse /Keyboard/and Touch Screen flickering be a key on the KB or mouse stuck or depressed. 


·         Make sure that the ‘Blue” indicator light at the rear end of the bar-code scanners cradle is ON. If not, check underneath the cradle to ensure that both the power jack and the USB connections are plugged in. Also make sure that the power adaptor for the cradle is connected to a power outlet and the USB cable is connected to the Docusys PC

·         Make sure that the bar-code scanner is charged. If the scanner is kept outside the cradle for long periods of time, the charge may have drained off. Keep the scanner back in the cradle. The indicator light on the scanner will blink “white” initially and then starting blinking “orange”. Orange blinking light indicates that the scanner is charging. Once the ‘orange light” starts blinking, one can scan badges KEEPING the scanner in the cradle. Wait for the scanner to build charge (~ 15 min) before taking it from the cradle and scanning

·         Make sure that none of the keys on the keyboard is depressed accidentally

PLEASE NOTE that if the scanner is physically broken and if you need to replace it, replace the scanner and the cradle together. If a scanner if taken from one OR to another, it won’t work (unless some needed technical intervention is performed)