Blaise Bellows  
Bellows A Hometown: Sitka, AK
Undergraduate: Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
Graduate: University of Washington
Hobbies:  Reading, Rowing, Travel Photography Best book I ever read:  
"Dove" by Robin Lee Graham.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...
a book critic.
Things I did in a previous life: Worked as a Starbucks barista in the land where Starbucks was born; lived in Nepal and Australia and enjoyed being a Type-B kind of person.
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  We get the coolest trauma for a huge cachement area (a five-state region!); we do trauma very, very well; and you can't beat the outdoor opportunities around Seattle.


Alisha Brown  
Brown A Hometown:  Seattle, WA
Undergraduate:  Boston College
Graduate:  Georgetown School of Medicine
Things I did in a previous life:  I worked in London for the Institute of Child Health at Great Ormond Street Hospital managing finances for research grants. I also danced in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Research Interests:  Critical Care, Access to Care Hobbies:  Skiing, ballet, and traveling. A few of my favorite countries include Turkey, Thailand,Argentina and Laos.
Favorite thing to do on my day off:  Going to farmers market's, trying out new recipes (I am an avid Gourmet Magazine subscriber), and hanging out with my husband & friends which usually involves a quest to find a perfect cup of coffee (best shop so far... Stumptown).
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  I wanted a mix of strong academics with the volume and patient population that a county hospital provides. Harborview is not only a level 1 trauma receiving center for a five state region, but it also has a mission to care for the underserved, something I am passionate about. I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this historic moment at UW!


Ryan Gould  
Gould A  Hometown:  Everett, WA
Undergraduate:  Pomona College
Graduate:  Tulane Univerisity School of Medicine
Things I did in a previous life:  Flight Surgeon, US Navy Best Seattle Hangout:  Tangletown Hobbies:  Cribbage, Archaeology, Science Fiction, Progressive Metal
Secret talent/Research Interest:  Chillaxing


Rebekkah Heckmann  
Heckman A Hometown:  New York City/Baltimore/Chicago Chicago
(But my sports loyalties were formed in Chicago.
Go Cubs!)
Undergraduate:  Johns Hopkins University
Graduate:  Univeristy of Minnesota Medical School, and Columbia University Mailman School
If I weren't a doctor I'd be...a novelist, mayor, actress, Sherpa assistant (I am still planning on doing at least three of these four things.) Best book I ever read:  "El Hacedor" by Jorge Luis Borjes (when read in Spanish)
Hobbies:  EATING!--I love exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants that often require an epic journey to find; traveling (been to Mexico City, South Korea, China, Thailand, and Cambodia within the past year); discovering and using new and amazing adjectives; and attempting to find my bagpipes so that I can start playing again now that I no longer live in a tiny apartment in New York City.
Research Interests:  Health policy, particularly as it applies to Spanish-speaking immigrants; international disaster planning and preparedness; emergency services for homeless populations
Things I like about this program:  I am really interested in a career that will allow me to contribute to international health policy development and research, in addition to working as an active clinician. I am also hoping to be part of the international community that develops systems for disaster management and relief. The emergency medical services (EMS) that partner with the emergency departments at Harborview, Seattle Children's Hopsital, and the University of Washington Medical Center are among the best in the world; and the EMS providers are great resources for learning about systems and disaster management. A strong background in pediatrics is also important to me, so I am thrilled that approximately twenty-five percent of our shifts are spent in a pediatric emergency department. Finally, because Harborview is the only Level I trauma center for the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, I am excited about the excellent mix of patients we see from both urban and rural settings.


Patrick Joseph Maher
Maher A Hometown:  Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate:  University of Georgia
Graduate:  Georgetown
Best Seattle hangout:  The coffee shops, either Espresso Vivace in Capitol Hill or Sureshot in the U-District.  Favorite thing to do on my day off:  Bike off to Bainbridge Island on the ferry boats and walk along the harbor. Things I did in a previous life:  Captain of my college fencing team, including leading a team to the 2006 Team Foil event in  the USAF Nationals.
Why I choose UW:  I was excited to be a part of a young program, where I'd still have input into the future of the residency. The faculty and hospitals had the right supports in place, with the potential to be one of the best future programs in the country. Seattle was breath-takingly beautiful, as well.