Class of 2016


Whitney Alexander  

Alexander A Hometown:  Portland, OR
Undergraduate:  Lehigh University
Graduate:  Temple University
Hobbies:  Climbing, running, reading, cooking, hiking, writing
Research Interest:  Wilderness and Altitude Medicine
If I weren't a doctor I would be...Great white shark researcher
Favorite things to do on day off:  Hiking to Lake Serene. Climbing at Seattle Bouldering Project. Paddleboarding on Lake Union. Running on the Elliot Bay trail. Taking ferries to islands. Anything that involves spending quality time with my fellow residents. Napping.
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  The opportunity to grow with a new program sounded like an incredible experience. Also, being at an ED where patients come from five states seemed super intense and an awesome place to get the greatest breadth and depth of training.


Justin Bammer  

BammerA Hometown:  Lapeer, MI
Undergraduate:  Michigan State University
Graduate:  Wayne State University
Favorite thing to do on day off:  Drink massive amounts of coffee, go bouldering on the water tower in Volunteer Park, head out to the mountains for a day hike, do some kayaking on the lake(s), or continue exploring the neighborhoods around Capitol Hill.
Best Seattle hangout:  Golden Gardens Park, Top Pot doughnuts, the mountains just outside of town, any number of good little pubs.
Things I did in a previous life:  Farm kid, truck driver, EMT, cadaver prosector.
Weirdest Job:  Probably the afore mentioned cadaver prosecting.
What I like most about this program:  My co-interns!  A great group of fun, interesting, talented people that I am looking forward to working and learning with for the next four years.  I also appreciate the very different experiences to be had in both the "county style" system at Harborview and in the more academic setting at UWMC.


Katherine Bryant  

Bryant A Hometown:  Houston, EX
Undergraduate:  Rice University
Graduate:  UT Southwestern
Hobbies:  Portraiture in watercolor and charcoal. Learning different styles of dance.
Things I did in a previous life:  I've worked at a non-profit to help get grant funding for their yearly Asian/Pacific-American heritage festival. I lived in Taiwan for a year and studied abroad in England.
Favorite thing to do on day off:  When I have a spare minute, you can often find me tending my garden & lawn.  I enjoy exploring the mountains around Seattle - over the last month and a half, I've hiked Si & Serene with my co-residents. A couple of weekends ago, I went camping at Mt. Rainier with the husband, who happened to have time off too.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...traveling portrait artist.
Things I like about this program:  I adore my co-residents, and we have really awesome faculty. There is a great sense of camaraderie in this program - we are all excited to be starting a program together. There is a great relationship between departments at UW, and the other departments are very welcoming of the new EM faculty and residents. The program directors care about resident well-being, and they are willing to listen and change when there are opportunities for improvement.


Patrick Burns  

Burns A Hometown:  Dracut, MA
Undergraduate:  Bowdoin College
Graduate:  Tufts University School of Medicine
Best Seattle hangout:  This really depends on my mood....Park - Madison Beach Park;  Beach / Bonfire - Golden Gardens;  Classy hangout - Canon;  Post-overnight breakfast - Skillet; Weekend brunch - Costal Kitchen; Lunch - Paseo.
Things I did in previous life:  This list could take a path was less direct than some. Trip Guide - Costa Rica and Ecuador;  Teacher - Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Australia, Arizona, California; Research Assistant & Bartender....that should suffice for now.
Hobbies:  Running, Triathlons, Skiing, Surfing (poorly), Hiking, Climbing
Weirdest Job:  The official Guinness Pint in the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade.
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  I remember coming to UW/Harborview for my interview on the one weekend it snowed in Seattle.  The sky was overcast in January, I had just landed at 3am and had to be at the interview by 7am.  Tired and undercaffeinated, I sat down for the "overview talk."  I had been on more interviews than I could count and programs were running together.  The specifics of the talk are a blur, but the sense of excitement about starting a new program was palpable from everyone in the department.  I had serious questions, they had serious answers.  I still had reservations, but the adventure of having a strong influence on the culture of a new program with strong leadership and tremendous faculty in a fantastic city was hard to pass up.


Olivia Haesloop  

Haesloopr A Hometown:  Berkeley, CA
Undergraduate:  Yale
Graduate:  University of Pennsylvania
Hobbies:  Climbing, running, reading, cooking, hiking, writing
Things I did in previous life:  I've lived in Switzerland, Germany and Chile; I've worked as a high school English teacher; I've backpacked Patagonia, cycled across the U.S. and learned Turkish.
Favorite things to do on day off:  There are a million beautiful places to go outside (within or very close to Seattle) for climbing, biking, sailing, hiking and swimming, to name a few of my personal favorite activities.
Research Interests:  Community health, Health systems.
What I like most about this program:  I love my co-residents! They are the best. The dedication of faculty to this program and us residents is unparalleled. I also love the patient population and variety of cases I see.


Emily Junck  

Junck A Hometown:  Ann Arbor, MI
Undergraduate:  New York University
Graduate:  University of Michigan
Hobbies:  Salsa dancing, running, cooking, traveling, exploring
Things I did in previous life:  Competed ballroom dance, traveled the world, did research in dance injuries, played in marching band, advocated for torture survivors
Research Interests:  Trauma center and EMS system development abroad, health metrics, public health.
If I wasn't a doctor I would be...Travel agent?  Public health agent?  Ballroom dance teacher?
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  First the serious stuff: Incredible trauma experience, Airlift Northwest, Medic One, global health opportunities, the mix of UW and Harborview experiences, the program's academic orientation, coverage of WWAMI states, and high quality off-service rotations.  And the fun stuff: Seattle -- food, drink, music, coffee, good beer; views of the sound, the Olympics and Mt Rainier; and easily accessible hiking, camping, & weekend trips to Portland & Vancouver.


Allison Moyes  

Moyes A Hometown:  Walnut Creek, CA
Undergraduate:  Boston University
Graduate:  Tufts University
Things I did in a previous life:  I was an athletic trainer, played water polo, read non-medical books for pleasure, ran off to Europe whenever I had a chance, and thoroughly enjoyed my abundance of free time.
Best Seattle hangout:  Canon for cocktails.  Kerry Park for the best views of the city.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...Bored with my job.
Favorite things to do on day off:  Sleep in, bike/run/swim somewhere around Seattle, check out different neighborhoods and restaurants
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  Harborview's county experience and the absolutely enormous WWAMI trauma region definitely drew me to this program.  The complexity of patients at UW, opportunities available through the institution, and the excellence of all the specialties we interact withcreate a well balanced residency program that I think will prepare me for whatever I wind up doing.


Sean Nguyen  

Nguyen A Hometown:  Rosemead, CA
Undergraduate:  UCLA
Graduate:  Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Hobbies:  Climbing, running, reading, cooking, hiking, writing
Things I did in a previous life:  Before medical school I was an EMT for Los Angeles County.  Long days of driving around downtown to take patients to and from hospitals with the occasion food breaks at the best hole-in-the-wall places in LA.
Favorite things to do on day off:  Short run after waking up, followed by an afternoon of fishing, then cooking something new for dinner and lastly hanging out with co-residents at night.
Best book I ever read:  "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly:  A Memoir of Life in Death" by Jean-Dominique Bauby.
Things I like about this program:  The attendings!!! The attendings are all very young, energetic and approachable.  Many are board certified or have interests within the subspecialties of Emergency Medicine and they are all eager to share these interests with us. Living in Seattle is also great.  The city is big, culturally diverse and has lots of things to do.  Outdoor activities are also around every corner.


Scott Schwitz  

Schwitz A Hometown:  Manalapan, NJ
Undergraduate: Middlebury College
Graduate:  New Jersey Medical School
Hobbies:  Skiing, cycling, coffee  (All of which are possible to do in one day anytime of the year in Seattle)
Things I did in a previous life:  Ski patroller, EMT, ski bum, bicycle touring guide in the Pacific Northwest and Europe.
Favorite Food:  Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Best Seattle hangout:  Gasworks Park, Cal-Anderson Park, Redwood, Victrola Coffee, anywhere with my co-residents
Research Interests:  Wilderness Medicine, Critical Care.
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  When I visited for my interview, I was amazed by the faculty's commitment to our education and the sense of community within the program.  Adding to this the incredible depth and breadth of the training experience, including lots of critical care and pediatrics, I could not pass up on the opportunity to be a part of this program.  Seattle is also an incredible place to live with plentiful outdoor opportunities.


Mastafa Springston  

Springston Hometown:  Goldsboro, North Carolina
Undergraduate:  North Carolina State University
Graduate:  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Things I did in a previous life:  Little league umpire, customer service manager at a grocery store, tutor for student athletes.
Weirdest Job:  Umpire for 9-10 year old baseball.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...A photographer for National Geographic
Favorite things to do on day off:  There are amazing outdoor activities to do here - you can pick your stratovolcano to climb then glissade down, or endless number of great day hikes close to Seattle.  Plus Seattle itself is full of nice parks and great restaurants to enjoy.
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  I really liked the people I met at the interview and the vision for the program.  I liked the idea of being part of something new and exciting and the opportunity to help shape and mold it.  Plus drawing from a 5 state region, the variety that you see at Harborview is hard to replicate at most places.  Not to mention Seattle is a great place to live and play.


Jodie Totten  

Totten A Hometown:  Sitka, AK
Undergraduate:  Northwestern University
Graduate:  University of Washington
Best book I ever read:  "The River of Doubt" by Candice Millard.  True story of Teddy Roosevelt tackling an uncharted river in the Amazon river basin. Malaria, rapids, hostile locals, all described with lots of nerdy scientific factoids thrown in. 
Things I did in previous life:  Sailed from New Zealand to Vanuatu.  Backpacked for a month in the Gila.  Rode my bike from Price Rupert (BC) to Seattle.  Lots of triathlons. Swam a lot for a very very long time. Studied abroad in Australia and Thailand. Did medical stuff in Palau and Uganda.  Traveled a lot more. Had coffee with some higher-ups in the Cambodian army...the basics.
Anything else?  Where I grew up in Alaska, we sent people here when things were really bad (850 miles by air!).  Because of that, HMC has always been awe-inspiring to me.   I still get this little chill up my spine sometimes walking into the hospital especially when the ambulances go speeding by. It is a very important hospital in this region and I am so honored to be a part of this system.


Hayes Wong  

Wong A Hometown:  Atlanta, Georgia
Undergraduate:  Kenyon College
Graduate:  Wake Forest School of Medicine
Favorite Food:  Changes frequently but right now it's Korean japchae and Molly Moon's earl gray ice cream.
Things I did in a previous life:  I was a Fulbright scholar after college and did research on China's hepatitis B vaccination program at the Chinese CDC. Was a group leader for twelve teens on a summer trip in China. And I played rugby for four years in college and managed to escape without any broken bones.
Best Seattle hangout:  The outside decks of Eastlake bar and grill or Ray's cafe, especially on a beautiful day.
Favorite thing to do on my day off:  Catch up with friends over food/beer/ice cream/coffee, take my dog on a run, get some fresh air on a hike, explore the city or check-out a new restaurant.
Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  At the top of my list were being a part of a county hospital that has a lot of trauma and a diverse population base, as well as having an academic, quaternary care hospital experience. I was drawn to Harborview's commitment to underserved populations and the collegial relationship the ED shares with other specialties. Despite being a young program, I felt like the program's leadership was very strong, and I was impressed with the residents I met on my visit. Plus, I was ready for a change from the east coast, and I've always wanted to live in Seattle.