Class of 2017


Steven Bright 

Bright A

Hometown:  Palm City, FL
Undergraduate:  Tulane University
Graduate:  University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Hobbies:  Birding, fishing, mountain biking, tennis, golf, basketball, and eating ice cream.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...A wildlife photographer.
Things I did in a previous life:  Improvisational comedy, AmeriCorps, delivered a breakfast burrito to Freddie Prinze Jr. at 5:00AM.
Favorite thing to do on my day off:  The variety of opportunities for a day off in Seattle is overwhelming, but I have been having a great time heading out to the Cascades for an active day 

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  I wanted to be in a program where everyone was clearly invested in its success and development. The faculty and staff are so eager to provide us with the educational opportunities that will allow us to accomplish our goals for residency. And the whole program has a dedicated interest in maintaining our everyday wellness, which is easy to accomplish in Seattle. This city is amazing, I am so happy here!


Brandy Cluka


Hometown:  Kalispell, MT
Undergraduate:  University of Washington
Graduate:  University of Washington
Favorite thing to do on day off:  Have coffee at Stumptown and then wander through Elliot Bay Books.  Go for a run along Lake Washington Boulevard.  Take my dog to the dog park at Magnuson. Head to the mountains to snowboard or hike. 
Best Seattle hangout:  Oddfellows and the Honey Hole.
Best book I ever read:  "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts. Trying to find time to read it again soon.
Hobbies:  Snowboarding, hiking, reading, traveling, and running.

What I like most about this program:  I’m excited to be part of a program that is based at a mission-driven county hospital and an academic medical center. We serve a five state region, which results in a diverse patient population that presents with a wide variety of disease processes and a high volume of trauma. Being a part of this program enables me to serve the people from my home state of Montana while here in Seattle, a truly unique opportunity. I'm also very excited to contribute to the growth of this program and be here to watch it evolve. And I can officially say I am a Husky for life!


Paul Doetsch 

Doetsch A

Hometown:  Stanley, NB, Canada
Undergraduate:  University of New Brunswick, Johnson State College
Graduate:  University of Washington 
Things I did in a previous life:  Played in some awesome bands with some amazing people in Eastern Canada and Vermont.
Favorite thing to do on day off:  Play with gravity in the Cascades, or play piano in my underwear.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...still searching.
Research Interests:  Resuscitation and shock physiology, wilderness medicine.

The reason I came to UW/Harborview:  The trifecta of working in an excellent program, in an amazing city, surrounded by incredible mountains.


Nicholas Granzella 

Granzella A

Hometown:  Folsom, CA
Undergraduate:  Pepperdine University
Graduate:  Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Things I did in previous life:  Lab tech in aerospace physiology lab, construction worker, assistant supervisor of lab operations at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.
Research Interests:  Ultrasound, provision of care in resource-limited/austere environments (wilderness, space, international), medical entrepreneurship.
Weirdest Job: Bowling alley pinsetter.
Hobbies: Auto repair, hiking, BBQ-ing, anything outdoors.

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  WWAMI catchment area, ridiculous complexity of cases at UW, ridiculous acuity of cases at Harborview, incredible staff, access to the outdoors, large bodies of water everywhere, and awesome co-residents.


Adrienne Hughes 

Hughes A

Hometown:  Monroe, WA
Undergraduate:  Western Washington University 
Graduate:  Baylor College of Medicine
Other Education:  Diploma in Tropical Medicine, National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.
Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, teaching myself how to play piano, brewing beer, snowboarding, decorating, eating good food.
Things I did in previous life:  Barista, Nursing Assistant, Anatomy & Physiology TA, Planned Parenthood Lab Assistant, University Phonathon Fundraiser, Pro Shop Assistant, Waitress, girls softball coach, Office Assistant, County Club beer cart girl…you name it, I have done it!
Best book I ever read:  “The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman.

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  UW has an amazing variety of County (Harborview), Tertiary care/academic (UWMC), and community (Valley) experiences. Harborview is dedicated to caring for the underserved population, which is very important to me and something that I looked for in a program. Also, you can’t beat the huge catchment area that Harborview has to offer, which means high patient acuity, complexity and diversity. Plus, Seattle is the best place to live in the entire world… but I think I am biased.


Mitchell Kim 

Kim A

Hometown:  Daegu, South Korea. However, I lived most of my life in Dupont, WA
Undergraduate:  University of Washington
Graduate:  New York University
Weirdest Job:  Being in a tobramycin ophthalmic solution magazine ad when I was 6-7. Not sure who made the money off of that though.
Research Interests:  Critical care, medical education.
Hobbies:  Beach vacations, snowboarding, photography, homebrewing, following sports.
If I weren’t a doctor I would be...Teaching? Research? Most likely homeless.

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  To be at a top notch academic institution and also being able to train at the premier county hospital in the 5 state region, Harborview. I wanted to be in this part of the country and be a part of a new, growing program.


Daniel Lieberman 

Lieberman A

Hometown:  Sharon, MA
Undergraduate:  Williams College
Graduate:  Harvard Medical School
Hobbies:  Ultimate frisbee, hiking, international travel, cycling, skiing, exploring national parks.
Things I did in a previous life:  Camp counselor, cross-country cyclist, English teacher and naturalist guide in Costa Rica, cognitive neuroscience researcher.
Research Interests:  Health policy, public health, care of underserved populations, medical ethics.
Best book I ever read:  That's a tough one. My favorite is probably "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  UW had everything I was looking for in an EM residency. I was excited about working at both a county hospital and an academic medical center, and UW has the best of both worlds in Harborview and UWMC. The institution highly values caring for the underserved and there is a wealth of diverse academic opportunities. I genuinely liked the residents and faculty I met during my interview and there was palpable excitement about shaping a new EM program. And on top of all that, there’s everything that Seattle has to offer.


Haley Simmons 

Simmons A

Hometown:  Cheney, WA
Undergraduate: Washington State University (Go COUGS!)
Graduate:  University of Washington
Hobbies:  Exploring new places and cultures, hiking, biking, reading, cooking, amateur photography.
Things I did in a previous life:  Lifeguarded.
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Going hiking in the cascades – it’s only 30 min away, and I don’t think I’ll ever run out of new trails to explore!
Weirdest Job: I worked at McDonalds for TWO years while I was in High School.

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  Though we are a young program, there’s no doubt in my mind that UW is one of the BEST places to train for EM! Harborview is a fantastic large county hospital with the largest trauma catchment area that I know of, tons of caring staff and a lot of resources for patients. UWMC sees some of the sickest and most complex patients in the country. Professionals from all over the world visit to King County to learn about our EMS system, Seattle Children’s Hospital has a brand new ED, Valley Medical Center rounds out our community experience, and the University of Washington Medicine system is a top tier medical school with fantastic academic attendings who are excited to teach us on off-service rotations. I haven’t met an ED attending yet that I didn’t think was totally awesome – we have a great group of attendings from all over the country! And I haven’t even touched on location.


Kyle Tiemeier 


Hometown:  Phoenix, AZ
Undergraduate:  The University of Arizona
Graduate:  Emory University
Hobbies:  Road & mountain biking, climbing, hammocks, cooking, running, hiking, yoga, escaping to the country and applying my small repertoire of dance moves to any genre of music.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...a pastry chef, quite possibly on my way to getting diabetes.
Favorite books:  Bill Bryson's books are my current favorites, but Calvin & Hobbes will forever top my list.
Research Interests:  EM development in sub-Saharan Africa.  I took a year out of med school to work in Uganda with Global Emergency Care Collaborative on developing the field of EM in rural settings.

What I like most about this program: For me UW EM residency was a perfect match of an awesome group of co-residents, an amazing clinical mix of Harborview's trauma and indigent care with highly complex UW patients, and residency leadership who are invested in supporting my growth and career development.


Bjorn Watsjold 

Watsjold A

Hometown:  Eagle River, AK
Undergraduate:  Boston University
Graduate:  Boston University
If I weren't a doctor I would be...writing bad sci-fi or medical thrillers.
Things I did in previous life:  Trained EMTs, renovated apartments, led backpacking expeditions in the Southwest, tended public gardens.
Research Interest:  Clinical decision making and medical ethics.
Favorite things to do on a day off: Tour the local nanobrews, hang out on one of Seattle’s grassy “beaches,” find tasty food, or head into the mountains.

Reason I came to UW/Harborview:  UW is a new program starting with all the ingredients I saw in great programs across the country--a huge catchment area full of very ill people, motivated faculty, and a fun group of residents--in a beautiful place.


Max Wentlandt 

Wentlandt A

Hometown:  Milwaukee, WI
Undergraduate:  Loyola University New Orleans
Graduate:  New York University
Hobbies:  Reading, playing basketball, cooking, exploring Seattle on bicycle.
Things I did in a previous life:  fled hurricanes, hiked the Inca trail, backpacked African wilderness.
If I weren't a doctor I would be...Teaching English abroad, making just enough money to keep traveling (or playing PG w/ Lebron in South Beach).
Favorite thing to do on my day off:  Catch up with friends over food/beer/ice cream/coffee, take my dog on a run, get some fresh air on a hike, explore the city or check-out a new restaurant.

What I like most about this program:  The attendings, the mix of academic and county, the opportunity to work with underserved populations at Harborview, being in a big city with tons of food and social options while still being close to a bunch of outdoor activities.