Class of 2018


Sabiha Barot

Hometown:   Duncanville, Tx (yee haw!)
Undergraduate:    Cornell University
Graduate School:  University of Washington
Medical School:  Yale University
Hobbies:  Skiing, traveling, chilling out with friends, reading, sampling all the great restaurants in the area
Favorite Seattle hangout:  Greenlake Park (after the arrival of our kiddo), all of Capitol Hill and the College Inn in the U district (before the arrival of our kiddo)  
Best book I've ever readMiddlesex (by Jeffrey Eugenides)
Coolest place I've traveled:  Every place I’ve been in Asia (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan)
If I weren't a doctor I would be:  A voice actor for Cartoon Network
Things I did in a previous life:  Crime Fighting and Neuroscience Research
Favorite thing to do on my day off:  Hanging with the family, exploring Seattle and beyond, sleeping!
Research interests:  Going forward, I’m thinking Ultrasound, but during gradschool it was the neurobiology of learning and pathological learning (i.e. addiction). Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a way to bridge the two...
Why UW?:  Where to start?  For one thing, it seems to attract the coolest people- I’m blown away by how unique, awesome, and smart all my co-interns are.  Harborview is also one of the most unique learning environments in the country.  It’s a county hospital that serves as the only level 1 Trauma and Burn Center for 5 states, which means you’ll see everything and anything!  And finally, Seattle- after sampling vast swaths of the American Landscape, I can honestly say this is by far the most amazing city.  It’s the sort of place you can have your cupcake and eat it, too.  Even in the damp, drizzly winters…


Paul Charlton

Hometown:  Ellensburg, Washington
Undergraduate:  Central Washington University
Medical School:  Dartmouth Medical School  
Graduate School: Georgetown University for Master's degree in Conflict Resolution
Hobbies:  Running slowly uphill, climbing​, Pakistan
Favorite Seattle hangout:  dog park by Greenlake
Best book I've ever read:  One would be Voltaire's Candide.  Some days while being yelled at by a patient in the hospital I think to myself, "This is the best of all possible worlds."  It helps me smile.
Coolest place I've traveled:  northern Pakistan
Things I did in a previous life: Climbing ranger for the National Park Service, humanitarian relief & development work, builder/occupier of a house made of mud
Favorite thing to do on my day off: ​I should say climbing in the Cascades, but currently I am enjoying sleeping and spending time with my wife (internal medicine resident) and dog (not a resident)
Research interests:  Conflict management in healthcare, global health diplomacy, interface of politics and health


Anna Condino

Hometown: Gloucester, Lexington and Medford, MA
Undergraduate:  Williams College
Medical School:  Dartmouth Medical School
Graduate School: Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (MPH)
Hobbies: rock climbing, backcountry skiing, shopping for used outdoor gear, eating fruit, health policy nerding, scheming my next adventure …
Favorite Seattle hangout: my back deck or anywhere in the Olympics/Cascades
Best book I've ever read: The Snow Leopard, by Peter Matthiessen
Coolest place I've traveled: the top of Mt Kilimanjaro vs. the Boiling River in Yellowstone NP vs. Baltistan (Pakistan)
If I weren't a doctor I would be: a climbing ranger at Grand Teton NP
Things I did in a previous life: wilderness therapy counselor … lifeguard … anesthesia tech … rock climbing guide …  hockey player …
Favorite thing to do on my day off: catch up on  news and journals over a big cup of coffee, hang out with my fiancé Matt and our housecat/panther Mojo, drag anyone I can out climbing or skiing, then grill out and debate the politics of the ACA over PNW microbrews
Research interests: health policy and systems, health care delivery in resource-limited settings, EMS
Why UW?: Most importantly, my co-residents are amazing. Super diverse, interesting, and accessible faculty. Harborview has a strong social mission and the resources to see it through. We take care of the sickest patients in the country at UW. It’s a progressive county and state that both support health care reform. King County Medic 1 and the rural/WWAMI partnerships have incredible educational opportunities. And, I get to explore the vast mountain ranges and endless beaches of Washington …


Marlee Hahn

Hometown:  Penn Valley, CA
Undergraduate:  UC Berkeley
Medical School:  University of Washington
Hobbies: Photography, hiking, kayaking, SCUBA diving
Favorite Seattle hangout: Capitol Hill, Fremont Farmer's Market, Carkeek Park
Coolest place I've traveled: Medellin, Colombia
If I weren't a doctor I would be: A Marine Biologist
Things I did in a previous life: USA National Rugby, Cerebral Palsy Research  
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Make a nice breakfast, tidy my place, take photos, yoga or jog
Why UW?: Look at this city. Look at this medical community. It doesn't get much better!


S. Matthew Hunt

Hometown: Muskego, WI
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin
Medical School:  University of Wisconsin
Hobbies: Travel, backcountry hiking, skiing, cooking, news junkie
Favorite Seattle hangout: So far, Espresso Vivace (but I'm just getting started).
Best book I've ever read: Ethics For The New Millenium, Dalai Lama
Coolest place I've traveled: Swimming in bioluminescent bay, Puerto Rico
If I weren't a doctor I would be: Field biologist, social entrepreneur
Things I did in a previous life: Pharma, Peace Corps Volunteer
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Get outside!, cook, read
Research interests: Translational medicine, austere medicine, global health
Why UW?: Energetic faculty from across the country. A chance to be part of a growing program. The perfect mix of academic and public hospitals. The trauma experience at Harborview is outstanding. Mountains and water in every direction....


Andrew Lim

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Undergraduate:  Brown University
Medical School:  UCSF
Graduate School: UC Berkeley - UCSF Joint Medical Program (M.S. in Public Health)
Hobbies: Cycle touring, rock climbing, upright bass playing, windsurfing, sushi eating.
Favorite Seattle hangout: The greatest part about intern year is the abundant time to hang out... So far, I'm loving all the amazing climbing and hiking there is all within an hour of Seattle.
Best book I've ever read: One Hundred Years of Solitude. Or Ender's Game. Or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Coolest place I've traveled: A month-long bike / camping tour through the west coast rain forests and the southern alps of New Zealand.
If I weren't a doctor I would be: The owner of a jazz club somewhere in Southeast Asia. 
Things I did in a previous life: trauma medic training in Thailand/Burma, bassist in a bluegrass band, Huffington Post World blog contributor, martial arts instructor, worked at a modern art museum in Santa Monica, underpaid clothes-folder at American Eagle, compulsive In-N-Out hamburger eater, Rufio impersonator 
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Anything outdoors, most likely climbing. Or sleeping. Not at the same time.
Research interests: Global EMS in low-resource or conflict settings, the mental health of disaster relief personnel, refugee and immigrant rights, US healthcare reform, international medical education
Why UW?: I wanted to train at a place with a busy county hospital experience that also had a reputation for strong, academic-oriented teaching. Harborview is like no other hospital - not only does it provide care to Seattle/King County's urban underserved, but it is the level 1 trauma center for a quarter of the nation. The faculty at the Harborview and UW emergency departments are exceptional teachers and models for humanistic patient care. Plus, UW is one of the nation's best institutions for global health opportunities and research. It is amazing here in Seattle, especially if you love seafood, music, and abundant outdoors activities at your doorstep ... just don't tell anyone from California. 


Ryan Mason

Hometown:  Mayfield, NY
Undergraduate:  Vassar College
Medical School:  The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Hobbies: Backpacking, board games, cooking, pub trivia, amateur bike mechanics, knitting and awful movies.
Favorite Seattle hangout: Chuck's Hop Stop and Central Cinema, so far...
Best book(s) I've ever read: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Coolest place I've traveled: Antarctic plateau field camp by small-engine aircraft for a medevac
If I weren't a doctor I would be: a Smoke Jumper
Things I did in a previous life: Marshaled taxiing C-130s on a snow runway, preventative maintenance on bulldozers, wrapped teenagers' sprained ankles, hosted South Pole pub trivia, won a hot dog eating contest  
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Hiking, exploring Seattle's many parks, cooking big dinners, getting my board game on and spending time with my partner doing any of the above
Research interests: Rural & Low-Resource Medicine, Medical Education, and Ultrasound 


Stephen Sanoja

Hometown: Sammamish, Washington
Undergrad: University of Washington
Med School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Hobbies: playing soccer, covering pop songs on my guitar, happy hour, cooking dinner with the wife, amateur rock climbing, going to Sounders games.
Things I did in a previous life: Americorps member for an education/mentorship program in Seattle (The Dream Project)
If I weren't a doctor, I'd be a: stay at home Dad/youth soccer coach
Why UW?: The happy residents. The amazing clinical experiences at Harborview (high acuity and lots of trauma), UW Med Center (rare pathologies and specialized patients), and Children's Hospital. Interacting with an amazing EMS system in Seattle that brings in patients from as far away as Alaska.  Being surrounded and taught by faculty that is truly supportive and excited about the residents and their development. Living in Seattle/PNW.


Benjamin Stoner-Duncan

Hometown: Bolinas, CA
Undergrad: Reed College, Portland, OR
Medical school: Columbia University
Hobbies: Bikes, climbing, paddling, music, birding, parenting.
Favorite Seattle hangouts: Kraken Bar/Gasworks Park/My Garage
Best book: The Lorax
Coolest place I've traveled: Lovelock, Nevada
If I weren't a doctor I would be: a beer taster
Things I did in a previous life: Whitewater guide, field ecologist, artist, bicycle shop owner.
Favorite thing to do with my day off:  Talk about climbing and then sleep a lot.
Research interests: Ecology and human health.
Why UW: Because it's there.


Molly Tolins

Hometown:  Minneapolis
Undergraduate:  University of Wisconsin, Madison
Medical School:  Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Hobbies: Rock climbing, running, bike touring, hammock napping, sprouting lentils, eating sprouted lentils
Favorite Seattle hangout: Green Lake
Best book I've ever read: Kafka on the Shore by Murakami
Coolest place I've traveled: Southeast Asia
If I weren't a doctor I would be: a college professor, an ecologist, or under(fun)employed
Things I did in a previous life: Plant-and-bee Tender in an old farmhouse in Madison, Environmental Toxicologist in Bangkok, Bartender at Camp Randall, Barista in the Twin Cities, Climbing Bum in Thailand, and a brief stint as a Spider Ecologist in Costa Rica. 
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Pack my rope and PB&J and drive out to the exits to climb beautiful rock. Especially in the unbelievable PNW summertime.


Elizabeth Kersten Wolpaw

Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH 
Undergraduate:  Stanford
Medical School:  UCSF
Hobbies: Running, cooking & baking, camping/hiking/outdoor frolicking, beach games, photography
Favorite Seattle hangout: still exploring, but Makela's boat is high on the list!
Best book I've ever readA Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius 
Coolest place I've traveled: Rwanda vs Zanzibar vs Cape Town
If I weren't a doctor I would be: A reporter for This American Life
Things I did in a previous life: Decorated cakes at a pastry shop, coached middle school volleyball, taught maternal health classes in a Zambian refugee camp, researched health systems strengthening in rural Rwanda
Favorite thing to do on my day off: Bike to new spots on the long list of recommended Seattle sites I haven't explored yet
Research interests: Global health, health systems, medical education
Why UW?
- Amazing faculty from all over who have come to UW because they're interested and invested in creating one of the best EM programs out there, 
- Unparalleled catchment area which exposes you to a broad spectrum of both trauma and medical pathologies, 
- Camaraderie amongst really smart but also really fun fellow residents who enjoy hanging out with one another both on and off shifts, 
- Opportunities to further develop non-clinical interests ranging from basic science research to global health programming to curricular innovation with faculty support and the many resources available at UW to draw from,
- Seattle is prettttty great.


Jason Wong

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA
Undergraduate:  UC Berkeley
Medical School:  New York Medical College
Hobbies: swimming, golf, basketball, doing anything in the sun, eating, watching other people eat on TV, traveling
Coolest place I've traveled: Pamplona for running with the bulls!
Things I did in a previous life: lifeguard, swim instructor, lab research assistant, mortgage company (I'm not really sure what my job was here)
Research interests: ultrasound, medical education, simulation, sports medicine, medical care of the underserved population, airway...i think i like everything...and that's why I came into EM.
Why UW?: #1: The people, including co-residents, attending physicians, and leadership! All the faculty and senior residents are engaging teachers and invested in our growth as physicians, which fosters a great learning experience.
 #2: The hospitals! UW had a great combination of county/trauma with Harborview, academic/tertiary care with UW, children's hospital with Seattle Children's and a community hospital with Valley!
#3: The values! Dedication by the hospitals and staff for care for the underserved population.