Alexander St. John, MD

Faculty Photo: 
Position Title: 
Acting Instructor
Senior Fellow
Medical School: 
University of Arizona College of Medicine, 2010
Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona, 2013
Board Certification: 
American Board of Emergency Medicine, 2014
Academic Interests: 
Clinical Research
Recent Publications: 
DeLuca LA Jr., St. John A, Stolz U, Matheson L, Simpson A, Denninghoff KR. Use of h-index as measure of author publishing strength in Emergency Medicine. Academic Emergency Medicine. 2013, October; 20(10): 997-1003.
Korinek JD, Thomas RM, Goddard LA, St. John AE, Sakles JC, Patanwala AE. Comparison of rocuronium and succinylcholine on postintubation sedative and analgesic dosing in the emergency department. European Journal of Emergency Medicine, Epublished (2013).

St. John AE. Comparison of effect of rocuronium and succinylcholine on post-intubation care in the Emergency Department. Poster presentation, National SAEM (2012).

Lawrence BM, St. John A, Abrams RA, Snyder LH. An anti-Hick’s effect in monkey and human saccade reaction times. Journal of Vision. 2008; 8(3): 26.1-7.