Joshua Jauregui, MD

Faculty Photo: 
Position Title: 
Acting Assistant Professor
Medical School: 
Loma Linda University, 2009
Brown University Emergency Medicine Residency Program, 2013
Board Certification: 
American Board of Emergency Medicine, 2014
Academic Interests: 
Education Methodologies
Recent Publications: 

Stewart GM, Nguyen HB, Kim TY, Jauregui JM, Hyes S, Wittlake WA, Corbett SW. Inter-rater reliability for non-invasive measurement of cardiac function in children. Pediatric Emergency Care. July 2008; 24(7): 433-7.

Jauregui J, Nelson D, Choo E, Stearns B, Levine A, Liebmann O, Shah S. External Validation and Comparison of Three Pediatric Dehydration Scales. PlosONE. May 2014; 9(5):e95739.

Jauregui J, Nelson D, Choo E, Stearns B, Levine A, Liebmann O, Shah S. The BUDDY (Bedside Ultrasound to Detect Dehydration in Youth) Study. Critical Ultrasound Journal. 2014 Sep 10;6(1):15.

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