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Camp Courage College Preview and Internet Camp 2005

Camp Courage at Maple Lake, MN, conducts a College Preview and Internet Camp each summer. It is co-sponsorded by DO-IT at the University of Washington.

For 50 years now, on the shores of the even older Cedar Lake, a summertime ritual has taken place. The sounds of Camp Courage have taken root in many minds and hearts for years and years. The clanging of the meal time bell, the table banging of the annnouncement song ("the cheese stands alone..."), and the trains at night, blowing their whistles while nervous first-year campers lay awake.

For the last eleven years, Sheryl Burgstahler and a team of skilled technology experts have been prepping campers for college and careers and passing on their Internet skills. Sheryl directs DO-IT at the University of Washington in Seattle. 2005 presenters and technical support staff include Rick Light, Lake Junior High School, MN; Kris Rosenberg, Oregon State University, OR; Rob Upcraft, Maple Lake High School, MN; Travis Burgstahler, Garfield High School, WA; Roger Upcraft, Camp Courage, MN; and Jeni Mundl, Courage Center, MN. Every year a previous Courage Camper returns from a college campus with tales of success and plans for a brilliant future. That makes Sheryl and her staff forget about the mosquitoes for a while. Look around this web site and find out a bit more about the Class of 2005. They join a growing list of College Preview & Internet Camp graduates.

At this website, enjoy some snapshots from 2005.

The Campers were asked, during the session to come up with funny phrases and sayings using the expanded vocabulary they gained. Check out their Geek Speak.