Bevans Series on Sustainble Fisheries—2003 Schedule
4:30–5:30 pm
January 9-March 13
102 Fishery Sciences
Social follows each talk

Sustainable Fisheries Seminar
Winter 2003 Speakers

9 Jan

Andre Punt
Associate Professor, SAFS, University of Washington

Bayesian Methods, Species Interactions, & MPAs: Fisheries Stock Assessment in the New Century
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16 Jan

Larry Crowder
Stephen B. Toth Professor of Marine Biology, Duke University

Shifting Gears: Impacts of Bycatch from Populations to Ecosystems
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23 Jan

Chris Glass
Director of Marine Fisheries, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences

Bycatch or "Bye Catch"? Behaviorally Based Bycatch Reduction
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30 Jan

Daniel Pauly
Professor of Fisheries, University of British Columbia

Global Impacts of Fisheries on Marine Ecosystems: Results from the Sea Around Us Project
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6 Feb

Trysh Stone
Fisheries Manager, Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Shrimp Tales: Has Co-Management Improved the Australian Prawn Fishery?
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13 Feb

Robert Furness
Professor of Biology, University of Glasgow

How Many Fish Should We Leave in the Sea for Top Predators?
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20 Feb

David Philipps
Senior Scientist, Illinois Natural History Survey

Supplemental Fish Stocking—Demographic Benefit or Genetic Disaster
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27 Feb

Steve Palumbi
Professor of Biology, Stanford University

What Genetics Tells Us About Ocean Populations, Conservation, and Sustainble Fishing
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6 Mar

Michael K. Orbach
Director, Coastal Environmental Management Program, Duke University

The Success of Fisheries Management
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13 Mar

Felicia Coleman
Program Director, Institute for Fishery Resource Ecology, Florida State University

Goliath Groupers: Fishing versus Protection
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