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University of Washington Diabetes Research Group

Effects of Iron Overload (Hemochromatosis) on Glucose Metabolism

What does the study involve?

  • Screening visit to see if you are eligible for the study
  • 2 days of study procedures to measure insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism - these studies involve iv's, administration of glucose, insulin and arginine (a part of protein).
  • Iron mobilization: After 4 phlebotomy treatments the 2 days of study procedures will be repeated
  • Iron depletion: Once the ferritin has decreased to <50 mg/dl the 2 days of study procedures will be repeated again.
Thus, the study requires a total of 7 visits.

Who is eligible?

If you have been diagnosed with iron overload due to HFE gene mutations you may be eligible. Click here to see if you qualify.


Subjects can receive up to $262.50 for participation

study contact:

For more information about the study, contact:

Kristina Utzschneider, MD 206-277-3568