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University of Washington Diabetes Research Group

Study Name: Effect of Anti-oxidants on Beta-cell Function in Humans

If you have diet-controlled diabetes you may be interested in being part of a research study investigating the effect of the anti-oxidant N-acetylcyteine (NAC) on insulin secretion and glucose metabolism.

What is NAC?

NAC is a product of the amino acid cysteine and produced within the human body. NAC has antioxidant properties and capsules are sold over-the-counter as a dietary supplement. It can detoxify chemicals into less harmful compounds. For example, NAC is used in cases of acetaminophen (Tylenol®) overdose and is FDA approved for this purpose. NAC is being used in this study as a research drug under special FDA approval.

This study is being conducted by investigators at the University of Washington and the VA Puget Sound Medical Center.

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study contact:

For more information about the study, contact:

Kristina Utzschneider, MD 206-277-3568