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2014 University of Washington Husky Drumline Auditions

Hello and thanks for your interest in the UW Husky Drumline. The purpose of this letter is to lay out in detail our audition process as well as the Summer in general. So here we go…

Auditions for the 2014 UW Drumline will happen on May 31st. THEY WILL BE HELD IN THE EAST COURT OF HEC EDMUNDSON PAVILION FROM 4-7PM. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. PARKING IS AVAILABLE IN THE E-1 PARKING LOT. Although this is a mandatory event, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any interest in the drumline. This day will be used to evaluate everyone present from both an individual, and an ensemble perspective. You will be given feedback on your audition and will hopefully have a great time. After the audition is over, the UW Percussion Staff will begin determining the personnel and placement for the 2014 line.

Results will be emailed out as soon as they are available. We’ll continue to have rehearsals periodically throughout the summer and also hold a mandatory week-long drumline camp toward the end of the summer. Specific dates for the camp and rehearsals are listed below.

Please make sure to read and understand everything on this page. In addition, make sure to prepare yourself with all of the audition material below.

Each year, The UW Husky Marching Band’s Drumline possess a maximum of 10 Snares, 5 Tenors, 6 Basses, and 10 Cymbals. We’re a pretty large group, but we’re also pretty tight-knit. :)

While you’re on our website, please take some time to navigate through the entire site. I encourage everyone to audition on the instrument that they want to play, but to also keep an open mind. It is the percussion staff’s job to determine what is best for the entire Drumline. If you come into the auditions hoping to play in a particular section, but will be happy just to be in the drumline at all, then your chances have increased greatly. In my experience, people who come in willing to play anything tend to enjoy the most success and have the best time throughout their years in the line because they’ve come in with the right attitude to begin with; a positive one.

Please understand that this is an audition. We expect that everyone coming to the audition already possesses at least the basic or intermediate marching percussion concepts of today’s modern drumline, both from a playing and marching perspective. That isn’t to say that there won’t be any teaching taking place. We, as a staff, will do everything possible to help you understand the techniques and try our best to ensure that everyone is able to reach their goals, but the fact remains that this is an audition and while we hope that everyone who auditions will win a spot in the ensemble it is entirely possible that individuals may not pass the audition. Keep that only in the back of your mind. Keep the following in the very front of your mind. We will have a great day!

After we have finalized the personnel, the real work begins. The Husky Marching Band performs a new ten-minute half-time show at every home football game. That’s six or seven games total. That equals about 60-70 minutes of music to be learned and memorized. In addition to this, the Band also has about 20 tunes in its stands tunes repertoire and the Drumline has another 20 or so cadences/stadium grooves on top of that. In short, we have a lot of material to learn and to make performance-ready in a relatively short amount of time. We will use the remainder of the summer to continue honing our playing and marching technique and also learn and memorize as much material as possible. It will be fun, you’ll see!

At the end of our week long camp at the end of the summer, we host one of the largest marching percussion clinics on the west coast: The UW Day of Marching Percussion. This is a day-long playing clinic. We invite all High School Drumlines to come out and spend a day working with the UW Drumline staff and members. Together, we brush up on skills, learn some new grooves, hand out some prizes, and have a lot of fun. More details about the event will be announced soon.

We look forward to meeting you in May. Please continue to check out all of the audition information in this link, and check this website regularly for updates.

Thank you!

UW Percussion Staff

Nick Molenda – Head Coordinator
Steve Henry – Assistant Instructor


2013 Husky Drumline

List of Important dates:

(All dates mandatory unless otherwise noted) UPDATED 6/29

  • Summer Rehearsals (non-mandatory but strongly suggested): July 6th 10am-5pm, August 2nd 10am-5pm
  • Drumline Camp: August 22nd-26th 8am-5pm each day
  • Day of Marching Percussion: August 27th 8am-5pm
  • V/A Game Rehearsals: September 3rd, 4th, 5th - 6-9pm each night
  • UW vs. Eastern WA: September 6th all day
  • Full Band Pre-school Drills: Sept. 8th-12th 8:30am-8:30pm each day
  • UW vs. Illinois: Sept. 13th all day
  • UW vs. Georgia State: Sept 20th all day
  • Season rehearsal schedule begins: Sept. 25th 6-8pm - (Rehearsal schedule during the season is Monday 5-8pm, Tuesday 6-8pm, Thursday 6-8pm, and Friday 5-7pm)


List of needs and important details

Directions/Parking: Here is a map to our facilities. If you drive to campus, you can park in the E1 parking lot. The audition is located in the East Court of Hed Edmundson Pavilion. To get there, enter the Student Athlete Entrance as noted on the linked map, and follow signs to the court. The Court is located on the second level of Hec Ed. It is not the main basketball court.

Housing: If you are traveling to the auditions from out of town, state or country and need housing, please contact me as soon as possible.

Food/Money: No food will be provided during auditions, so please eat beforehand. Please bring some sort of eco-friendly water container. Store-bought disposable plastic water bottles are a pollutant and you will be endlessly ridiculed and will be given only one stick to drum with and no cymbal straps.

Clothing/Shoes: Dress in layers. Even in August the weather in Seattle can be chilly. Wear comfortable fitting athletic clothes and shoes.  We will be marching and conditioning everyday. Absolutely no sandals or dress shoes/boots. Under no circumstances should you wear red! This is the very uncreative color of our chief rival and nemesis across the state who shall remain nameless. If you wear red you will be ridiculed. You will then be handed an empty store-bought disposable plastic water bottle, and more ridicule will ensue…and the one stick will be taken away and replaced with a nerf implement measuring roughly the size of a small cocktail weenie.

Backpack/binder: You will be on campus for most of the day. I suggest you bring a backpack to carry all of your daily needs. A sturdy 3-ring binder stocked with transparent (non-glare) sheet sleeves is a must. This will hold all technique exercises, cadences, stands tunes and half-time music for the season. No red binders! Refer to the above paragraphs for the consequences of this offense.

Misc. needs: Sunglasses, sunblock, aspirin etc. Whatever you need to be comfortable.

Audition Materials

Below you will find all of the audition materials. This year we will be playing a version of Spanks (as made popular by the Santa Clara Vanguard 2004-2005). We will provide you with the parts for this exercise after the auditions are over, but if you wish to purchase the single user edition of this exercise and get a head start visit

Click here to download all the materials: UW Drumline Audition Material 2014

This file should include parts for the following exercises:

  • 5/4 Accent Tap
  • 8-8-16
  • Cymbals timing
  • Flam 'n' Eggs
  • Flams 2012
  • Stick Control
  • Stock Exercises 2012
  • Tap Pyramid
  • UW Rolls
  • UW Rolls Lite
  • Velocity 8s


All line members are required to read our technique book. Contained therein is detailed information on how we approach doing what we do. The more you study and absorb that information, the better prepared you will be for auditions. Especially if you KNOW you need some help with your playing, read each section thoroughly in front of a mirror with a pad and sticks handy. Then do it again. You’ll be surprised how many problems you can fix before you even come to auditions! Familiarizing yourself with this basis of knowledge will make the learning process MUCH easier for you, and the direct result is more fun for you in the long run.

Here is the link for the book: 2014 UW Drumline Technique Book


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