Current Projects:

Semi-autonomous Networks: A System-theoretic Perspective (NSF)

In this NSF-funded project, we examine semi-autonomous networked systems from a control-theoretic perspective. Applications and motivation for this work arise from semi-autonomous robotic networks, human-swarm interaction, distributed sensor networks, nano-networks, and control of quantum graphs.

Network-centric input-output and robustness analysis framework for distributed dynamic systems (NSF)

In an NSF-funded research project, we consider the effect of random networks on the operation and performance of networked systems. In particular, we aim to consider the issues such as time-scales and phase transitions in the robustness and performance of networked systems.

Simulation and Robustness Analysis Framework for Networked Heterogeneous Dynamic Systems with Application to 787 Power System Analysis and Design (Boeing)

In a Boeing-funded research project, we consider the centralized and distributed optimization techniques for high-performance yet environmentally friendly operation of next generation aircraft power systems consisting of heterogenous sources of power generation and smart programmable loads.

Security and Robustness of Networked Systems: (AFOSR)

Random graphs, Algebraic graph theory and Control over Networks In a research project funded by AFOSR, we consider the security and robustness of networked systems using notions from control theory.

Murdock Foundation

This major instrumentation grant has provided a group of the AA faculty access to high performance computing for high fidelity simulation of complex dynamics encountered in distinct disciplines in aerospace systems.

Past Projects:

Formation observers and estimators (JPL/NASA)

Analysis of co-simulation (Boeing)

Multiple UAV Deconfliction (Boeing)

Distributed Space Systems (NSF)

Nonconvex Motion Planning (JPL/NASA)

Switching Control Laws for Spacecraft formations (JPL/NASA)

UAV Formations with Switching Information-exchange topologies (Boeing)

Hybrid Control for Supercavitating flight (ONR)

Distributed estimation (JPL/NASA)