Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

State Need Grant through SB 6523 Application

Dear Colleagues, 

Today the application for the newly eligible population for the State Need Grant through SB 6523 (students who are presumed undocumented who meet certain criteria) has been made available  To have a web-based application available just a little over a month from the date of the bill signing was no small feat and I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone who assisted.

Many staff played a role but through the leadership of Becky Thompson – the following staff were integral with contract development and negotiations, outreach and training, development of materials and the landing page, testing the application, developing the “pre-application” tool, modifying the RSG page, and more.  On behalf of the many students who will now have an equitable opportunity to receive State Need Grant, our deep gratitude for this accomplishment.


Don Alexander

Bryan Bakotich

Don Bennett

Anna Batie

Cristina Gaeta

Katherine Kersten

Daniel McDonald

David Mitchell

Emily Persky

Marcie Sample

Colleen Scovill

Rachelle Sharpe

Gray Sterling

Aaron Wyatt


This is yet another example of a strong WSAC team effort in the service of others. 


I am proud and very pleased with this tremendous accomplishment.  Thank you!!!


- Gene Sharratt