Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

Reservation Information and Policies

The Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center is located at 3931 Brooklyn Ave NE

The Ethnic Cultural Theatre is located at 3940 Brooklyn Ave NE

The Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center and Theatre facilities offer a variety of spaces for hourly rental.  For more information about our facilities, please visit our Facilities page.

To reserve a space at the Ethnic Cultural Center or Theatre, please familiarize yourself with our reservations process and policies and when you are prepared to reserve a space, use our Reservation Request Form to submit your request for a space.

For questions or concerns, please contact the Reservations Office at or by phone at 206.221.3241.

Reservations Process

  1. Read the ECC Reservations Policies section below.
  2. Submit a Reservation Request Form with the details of your event.
  3. Please do not resubmit your request if you need to make a change to your request.  Instead, please contact the Reservations Office.
  4. The ECC Reservations Office will respond to your request via email within 7-10 business days.  If you do not receive a response after 5 business days, please contact the Reservations Office to check on your request.  If you do not receive a response, your request has not been processed or approved.  Please check your email for messages from the ECC Reservations Office.
  5. When your request is processed, you will receive either a tentative email approval for your event or an email requesting clarification or notifying you that the dates and/or times you requested were not available.  Please follow-up with the Reservations Office via email.
  6. Once your request is tentatively approved, submit all required forms, payment or other details by the provided due-dates.
  7. When the ECC Reservations Office has received all required items, you will receive a final confirmation for your event.  Please do not advertise your event until you have received a final confirmation!  If all required items are not submitted, your event may be cancelled!

Reservations Policies

  1. A minimum of two-weeks advance notice is required for all reservations for the Ethnic Cultural Center.
  2. A minimum of three-weeks advance notice is required for all reservations for the Ethnic Cultural Theatre, no exceptions.
  3. Reservations for the Center and Theatre can be made a maximum of six months in advance.  For dates greater than six months in advance, please contact the reservations office or submit a request for the space to be placed as a “hold”.  Holds are not confirmations and held dates may be unavailable.
  4. Students or Registered Student Organizations wishing to request a space with less than 2-weeks advance notice must wait until the day of the event and drop-in to the ECC office to request a space as a short-notice “Write-In” request.   Walk-in Requests are subject to availability and special policies.  Food service, events which are open to the public and fundraising are prohibited for walk-in requests.  Short notice requests for the Theatre are not accepted.
  5. Events can not be booked outside of regular Center operating hours due to staffing.
  6. Events are not approved and should not be advertised until the group receives a final confirmation from the Reservations office. All paperwork, payment and other requirements must be fulfilled before an event is finalized and confirmed. Tentative approval or holds are NOT final confirmations. Being on the schedule is not a confirmation.
  7. For Theatre Reservations, a minimum of 1 hour between events is required.
  8. Use of the Ethnic Cultural Center must comply with all University of Washington and Washington Administrative Code (WAC 478-136-030) regulations.
  9. Use of the kitchens for events is subject to approval, and use of the kitchens for food preparation for any event besides personal use or RSO meetings is generally prohibited due to the nature and classification of the kitchens, per the University of Washington Environmental Health and Safety division.
  10. Those making a reservation for an event assumes responsibility for their group and guests, and they shall assume any financial responsibility for excess cleaning and/or repairs resulting from damages should they occur in the facilities during the reserved time.
  11. The ECC is no longer able to offer facility fee-waivers to cover the rental cost of the ECC or Theatre.  Please see our new rental rates below.

Billing and Cancellation Policy:

All payments will be processed immediately upon receipt, with the exception of departmental budget numbers, which will be charged after the event has taken place. Should you decide to cancel your reservation with us, please call or email our office as soon as possible. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

14 days + Prior to Event: Full Refund of Rental Charges

13 – 3 days Prior to Event: 50% Refund of Rental Charges

0 – 3 days Prior to Event: All Rental Charges Payable


Request for Use of University Facilities (RUUF)

Events which are open to the public, ticketed, or held by or in conjunction with an off-campus organization are required to submit a Request for Use of University Facilities form. This form requires approval from a University department Dean, Director, or Chair, the ECC Facilities Coordinator, and the Use of University Facilities Committee. This form takes approximately three weeks to process. To complete the form online, please visit


Food, Catering & Beverages:

If you plan to serve catered food or beverages for an event, an Application for Temporary Food Service (ATFS) must be approved by the Environmental, Health & Safety Department two weeks prior to the event. In order to simplify this process for you, we request that you return this form to the ECC a minimum of two weeks prior to your event so that we may submit it to the appropriate department on your behalf. The ATFS form is not needed with: UW Catering (Bay Laurel), prepackaged food items, and take-out/delivery food consumed within ½ hour of preparation. Please notify the ECC if you will be serving these foods. Please note that potlucks and any home-prepared foods are prohibited.  More info and ATFS may be found here:


Alcoholic Beverages

If an organization wishes to serve alcoholic beverages, please review the necessary policies under the Office of the Provost Special Programs guidelines. Depending on your event, please adhere to the approval process related to your event. The ECC is a student-oriented facility and students are present during all hours of operation. Adequate measures— including an approved security/ID checker, bracelets, etc—must be taken in order to ensure that no minors will have access to alcoholic beverages. These options must be discussed and approved with the ECC reservations office prior to the event. Any violation of Washington State law or ECC policy will result in an immediate closure of your event and appropriate authorities will be notified.


Commercial Sales/Fundraising Activities

All commercial sales or fundraising activities must be approved by the ECC. All Registered Student Organizations (RSO) must complete a Fundraising Permit in order to fundraise at the ECC. This permit can be acquired at the Student Activities Office.



The closest parking lots to the ECC are lots W12 and W10.  For the latest info on parking and rates, please visit  There is limited street and metered parking near the ECC. Parking is not guaranteed and the ECC is not responsible for violations.

Special Accommodation

If your event requires special accommodation, please notify the ECC Reservations office and contact the Disability Services Office at206.543.6450 or at least ten days prior to the event.


Rental Rates

Reservation Request Form