Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

Congratulations Graduating Class of 2021!

You are finally nearing the end of your time at UW and we could not be any more proud of how far you’ve come. While we are not able to gather in person this year to celebrate, we still want to show our appreciation for you. You have come such a long way since being accepted to UW, so your journey, experiences and accomplishments deserve to be recognized and acknowledged. So please join us in celebrating you and recognizing all your hard work. Your family here at the ECC are so incredibly proud of you, and we look forward to all the positive impact you’ll continue to leave on the community.

ECC Senior Survey 2021

The senior farewell gift survey is now open! Please take a moment to fill out the form and vote for what you’d like the senior gift to be. Deadline to submit will be on Friday, April 30th so make sure to submit the form by then.

Senior Survey

ECC Virtual Yearbook Form

The form to participate in our virtual yearbook is also open!

Graduating Seniors:

  • Please fill out the form if you’d like to be featured on our website to recognize you for your accomplishments. Your details will be publicly shared and available for your family/friends to see.
  • Deadline to submit: Sunday, May 23rd

Recognizing Graduates:

  • For family/friends who’d like to recognize a graduate, please fill out this form as well to recognize a graduate’s accomplishments through pictures and a brief message. The information you provide will also be publicly shared and available for your graduate to see.
  • Deadline to submit: Sunday, May 23rd

ECC Virtual Yearbook