Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center


Funding Request Process

  1. Attend mandatory co-sponsorship workshop (See Below).
  2. Complete Funding Request Proposal and submit via Husky Link 4-6 weeks prior to your program.
    1. Log into HuskyLink
    2. Go to your Organizations Page
    3. On the bottom left corner, click on “Finance”
    4. On the top right corner, click on “Create Funding Request”
  1. Applications will be reviewed weekly by the SDEF Committee. The SDEF Committee Chair will email you directly within one week to inform you of your award status.
  2. If awarded funding, a member of the organization must attend a mandatory funding access meeting with the ECC Program Coordinator to discuss proper allocation procedures
  3. After the event your organization is required to submit a post-event packet due no later than one week after your event. This packet must include:
    • A copy of all of your publicity materials
    • A completed final evaluation form
    • A copy of your final budget summary of all expenditures, co-sponsoring organizations and their contributions.

Download the SDEF final evaluation form here!

Compliance: Failure to complete the necessary requirements and/or process may compromise your organizations ability to receive future funding from the ECC and/or OMA&D.  The OMA&D Student Diversity Event Fund has the right to withdraw funding at any time if publicity and/or program content do not meet the necessary requirements.

Co-Sponsorship Workshops

Workshops are held at the Kelly ECC, Chicano/Native Suite on the following dates from 3:00pm- 4:00pm:


Fall Winter Spring
10/11 1/17 TBA
10/25 1/31
11/08 2/14
11/22 2/28
12/06 3/14