Making the Construction Project come to life

Dear peoples of the ECC,

For those who do not know me, my name is Daniel Miller and for the next couple months, myself along with other awesome people from the Ethnic Cultural Center (who will be introducing themselves) are making the transition of the Ethnic Cultural Center, going from its current building to its new and improved building, a process of transparency.

We will put up posts (of all things), images, pictures, videos, and of course updates of what is currently going on in the construction project process so that all of you who visit can see, and for those who might be curious in the future can look back and take a peek at what came before.

I think we need to archive and concretize the ECC we have now so we may better understand what we are gaining, and people who use the new building understand from where the new building is coming from. Therefore, I propose that we, as students, document this process and so everyone has a chance to say what this building and its transformation means to them.

So, I ask you to come back and visit from time to time (you will be updated if you’re a Facebook Fan whether you like it or not!) and check out how the process is going. Also, don’t forget that you too have a voice, and if you comment below any of our posts we will surely answer as quickly as we can.  In addition, if you are interested in writing a post on what the ECC means to you, and what you think about the Construction Project let me know and I will set it up so you can contribute too!

On behalf of the ECC (and from me too) thank you for reading,
Daniel Miller