The ECC & Me

What is the ECC Construction Project?

To me, this project marks a process of renewal and redefinition. I have definitely spent most of my time here at the UW within the walls and murals of the Ethnic Cultural Center. I’ve worked, I’ve played, I’ve laughed, I’ve learned, and yeah I’ve probably even cried a little too. And I know when I come by the ECC many months from now I’ll have another sad moment to see that it’s now gone (but one of those good ones). The thing is, the ECC has changed me, and I’ve grown and developed as a person in more ways than I can express here (and in more ways you’re probably willing to read about!) and I’ve benefited from everything that the ECC has offered to a young student and young professional like myself. In the grand scheme of things, my time at the ECC considering its nearly 40 year history was just a small fraction, and my experiences only a small set of all the students who make and made this place home. I even heard of someone being married right in the Native room.

And now, the way I see it is that it’s time for the ECC to change too. I think it’s time for the ECC to grow and develop and transform into something new and bright and ready for the masses of young new faces and organizations that will proceed me, and probably you too. I’ll always keep a place in my heart for the yellow walls, the bright red kitchens, and a lounge full of my favorite ratty furniture that you can sleep, step, and lounge on. But I think now, I’m ready to let go of it all.

Not that it’s really up to me anyway but what we currently call the ECC  I feel has had its run. It’s tired, full of asbestos, and we as students are now demanding more than what it can offer us. The students of tomorrow need something bigger and better. The ECC was never really intended to be something permanent but students of color and even people of my hue, made do with what we had and that made us all the more proud and amorous of our corner on 39th and Brooklyn.

I understand now though that we stand on the shoulders of those before us, and those who don’t know it yet but will be standing on our shoulders soon are going to need bigger kitchens, bigger spaces, and just a bigger ECC in general to call home.

So here’s to our new home.


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