If You Build It, They Will Come…

Construction Update for the week of April 2-9, 2012

Construction Project Picture

Courtesy of UW - Capital Projects Office

This week is an exciting time in the construction of the ECC, as the 3rd floor of the ECC has begun to take shape. We are gearing up for the hoisting of the roof beams which means that we are getting increasingly close to “TOPPING OFF” which is a construction term for putting the roof on the project. We have plans in the works to have a BBQ to celebrate this milestone which we are affectionately calling, “The Raise the Roof Party”.

The last concrete structural placement will be 4/12, which means we are about 50% towards project completion which is slated for November. This has gotten me to start thinking about the concept of building community. In this beautiful new space, what are the different ways that we will start to get students who are new to the ECC engaged? How do we ensure that the spirit of the ECC isn’t lost in the newness of the building? How will we start to transition students who have spent half a year in Condon Hall?

With Jessica Hunnicutt taking a new role at the ECC as the Coordinator for Leadership Programs, our aim is to work with student groups to engage them early in the strategic planning and community building efforts that will help us transition into the new building.

In addition, Maggie Fonseca’s new responsibilities directly involve strategic planning and construction mitigation which will assist us in developing new policies and procedures for managing this wonderful new space.

If you are interested in being a part of this, stay tuned for a list of ways to get involved in the planning process as we kick off the 2012-13 academic school year.

Here’s a more detailed construction update for the first week of April, courtesy of the UW Capital Projects office.