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Beyond HB1079

The Beyond HB 1079 Conference began in early 2012 as the first conference in Washington State to focus on identifying and offering resources to undocumented students. This conference created a safe space for dialogue among undocumented students, parents, educators and allies. As students, we knew there was a high need for more resources for undocumented in higher education systems; however, it wasn’t until the inaugural Beyond HB 1079 Conference On March 22, 2012 that we saw the urgency to establish a continuous program that supports the undocumented community of Washington State.

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Today, the conference stands as student-lead event with the goals to supporting undocumented students, educators, and parents with awareness, resources, and empowerment towards higher education in Washington State. The program is unique because not only does it offer a space for our community to learn, but also provides leadership opportunities with students who are interested in social change.