Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

Leadership & Social Justice

ECC’s primary goal is to build and prepare students of color with life practical experiences and build their skill sets to become future civic leaders and global citizens. The ECC Staff and Student Advisor collaborate with various UW departments and programs to provide training and workshops designed to develop the leadership potential of those who participate. Our belief is that a significant amount of learning takes place outside of the classroom through their involvement in i) student organizations, ii) community organizations/agencies, iii) ASUW and other leadership opportunities on campus, iv) mentoring opportunities and v) interaction with faculty and staff of color. Active participation in any or all of the above significantly contributes to the success of their academic studies, personal and educational growth, knowledge of the UW community, and enhances the recruitment and retention of students of color.

The goal of the social justice component is to host events that educate and provoke discussion of multicultural issues within society. We try to do this by having lectures and discussions with leading figures within society and in their field that have the education and experience related to the topic being discussed. We want all students to be a part of working towards equality for all.