Advertising at the Ethnic Cultural Center

If you are student organiozation that wants to advertise your organization or event at the Ethnic Cultural Center, we want to help you!

To get started, send us an e-mail at with the location, dates, and times of your event as well as anything that we request below



Just for starters, if you want to advertise on the screen by the front doors all you have to do is e-mail, a single slide Powerpoint. Make sure that there isn’t too much text and that people get the basics of your event, and of course don’t forget to say when and where. The most important thing though is that you remember to make the Powerpoint in widescreen (or 16:9) format, which you should do before you start making your slide or else the formatting will go out of control. You may change it (in Powerpoint ’07) by going to the “Design” tab and then the “Page Setup” button, “On Screen Show 16:9″ is what you want to select.
Additionally, you can send us a poster in a common image format but it must be horizontally aligned and in a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.


A lot of organizations have been asking us to advertise on our Facebook Fan Page. This is a really effective method to get the message out to people, and we are more than happy to help all of you advertise. Our fan page has been growing quickly since we created it and on average receives more traffic than our ECC Website, receiving more than one hundred page views per day!
If you would like to advertise with us on Facebook, send us your event link URL and let us know if you’d like us to post status updates with “@ Facebook tags” to your organization or event and we will make it happen!


Another way to advertise is to display an “event badge” on the home page of our website. The event badges are located (if there are any up at the moment) between our Facebook link and our Google Calendar, on the right hand side. If you would advertise here, we need you to submit to use a 400 by 100 pixel image with the event name, details, and graphics. Our Dia de los Muertos graphic is a good of example of quality and design that are required to advertise. Additionally, I will link the badge to your event web page, whether it is on Facebook or other places provided you give us the URL. We do take the image and quality of our website seriously, and we ask that any events that you do want to promote are located on campus.


If you have event posters we will post them on our bulletin board outside and other places in the ECC as well if you ask nicely! Just drop a couple posters at our Front Desk.

If you also want to advertise on our front display monitor at the Ethnic Cultural Center, send us a one page PowerPoint slide in widescreen format and we will be able to add it to the display queue for you.